Newest Gaming Peripherals: How Important Are They?


The newest gaming peripherals are in town – but no one asks the most important question. How important are gaming peripherals really? With new ones entering the market every year, the field is flooded with high tech peripherals all around. So, what makes them so necessary?

What Are Gaming Peripherals?

They are the input/output devices (including the Graphics Processor [GPU] and RAM sufficient for handling the power requirements of modern games) but primarily the keyboard\mouse or controller used to play a game. Gaming keyboards, gaming mice, gaming headphones, gaming joysticks, gaming steering wheels, gaming speakers. Basically all gaming input devices.

The Must-Have Newest Gaming Peripherals

Newest Gaming Peripherals: How Important Are They?
Newest Gaming Peripherals: How Important Are They?

A Stand-Alone Keyboard

A good keyboard that has quick response times and can type reasonably well for browsing goes a long way as a peripheral. Currently, the K95 Platinum by Corsair is an option but there are tons of reasonably priced keyboards with good switches. Mouse for gaming and browsing is also important. Don’t get the MMO mouse if you mainly do FPS and vice versa. There are specialty mice and ultra-luxury models, but really don’t spend more than $50 USD for a mouse if you are not sure what you really think your needs are. Go to an electronics store if possible to test some. Same with keyboard. We would recommend the Gaming Mechanical Keyboard. It is a fluid and fast keypad, that is available in English, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic. Apart from its features, it is also colorful and so stylish! It has a backlight option (for the late-night gamers) and has a light guide plate that helps you navigate in total darkness even.

Newest Gaming Peripherals: How Important Are They?
Newest Gaming Peripherals: How Important Are They?

Invest In A Good Graphics Card

If you’re a graphics junkie, buying a 1080Ti fits the bill and can max out my 2550×1440 screen. However, most games look quite nice at 1080p, so don’t break the bank on a 2K screen or higher unless you have the cash and graphics card to push it.

Be Mindful Of The Controller You Pick

More than a few games just run better on the controller. It’s not ideal for PC folk who mouse & keyboard but the consoles are still king when it comes to first dibs on optimization. The Xbox One controller is my preferred layout, but the PS4 controller might be more your style. There used to be issues connecting Sony controllers to PC but I think it’s either solved or a really simple fix.

For A PC, Invest In A Gamepad

A lot of games are designed for consoles and gamepads, and so play a lot better on them than they do mouse and keyboard. Fighting games, platforming games, most action RPGs. All one basically needs is a gamepad. (Or possibly two). Wouldn’t play games designed for one without.

Newest Gaming Peripherals: How Important Are They?
Newest Gaming Peripherals: How Important Are They?

Use Peripherals Specifically Designed For Gaming

Suppose you are using a gaming monitor, and your opponent uses a normal monitor, your gaming (& streaming) experience will be a lot smoother – one of the factors certainly. Same way for a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard and it goes on! Take the gaming mouse for instance, which typically would have multiple buttons to adjust DPI settings and controls, or gaming keyboards with Macro keys to execute pre-stored instruction, etc. With regular peripherals, one can’t do that.

You don’t have to break the bank for these newest gaming peripherals. Simply keep in mind what you need the peripherals for!

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