Nobunaga’s Ambition-A Unique Strategy Computer Game

Nobunaga’s Ambition-A Unique Strategy Computer Game

Ahhh Japan. The land of delicious sushi, ramen, anime, and video games. It is here where Nintendo, the company that saved the future of home computer games was born. Several other gaming companies are also here, such as Namco, Tecmo, Koei, and Capcom reside. Among these many companies that create games for consoles, Koei that is most respected. It’s probably because Koei made famous some of the most peculiar strategy games. And most of them explored the history of Asian countries, like China and Japan. For today, we are going to talk about one of Koei’s most popular game titles, “Nobunaga’s Ambition”.

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Rich Historical Story

Unlike most strategy games, Nobunaga’s Ambition is unique. It is a grand strategy role-playing simulation video game about the warlords during Japan’s tumultuous Sengoku Era. During this time, many of the different warlords ignored the Shogun, leader of Japan’s military regime. With the Emperor no longer having power and the Shogun dismissed, each of the military warlords aspired to conquer Japan. This was the scenario for the game. Basically, your goal is to conquer the other Japanese warlords.

Because the title is “Nobunaga’s Ambition”, the titular character also plays the lead. Owari Province’s lord was Oda Nobunaga, a stubborn military leader who is a genius at picking the people who wish to serve by his side. In the historical texts, Nobunaga was historically called “The Fool of Owari” because he was not interested in following the traditions dictated by the rest of the daimyos or lords around him. In the game, he is always the first choice when you’re trying to select which lord you’ll control. Of course, you are free to use any other local warlord if you wish.

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The Gameplay

Like other strategy computer game, this game is all about managing your town until you become strong enough to conquer other lands. You have to divide your forces and manage the rations provided to be successful. Sometimes, waging war is not only a solution to gain territory. You can also deploy trickery or diplomacy for your neighboring warlords. Gain allies among your neighbors or make them fight the other. While they are battling you can just claim their land once they’re done with the fighting.

When I first started playing this strategy computer game, I found it utterly confusing. It also didn’t help that the text was in Japanese, so I had to wait until I can get a proper translation for the game. Fortunately, the games developed for the PlayStation 2 were already translated in English but the audio was still in Japanese. I preferred it this way in order to keep the history of the game authentic and real. Graphics-wise, Nobunaga’s Ambition is improving when it comes to this category. Koei may have taken hints from other strategy games, such as the Total War series. Finally, the fight of one general against another is always showcased in this game.

Final Thoughts

Nobunaga’s Ambition may sound like a weird game, but for history buffs such as myself, it’s an enjoyable game that will remind me and others the tenacity, brutality and the poetry that is ancient Japan. Koei is doing well to preserve its history with the use of technology and home video games.

Where Can You Buy This Game

There are absolutely a lot of places where you can buy this strategy game from. If you want to make sure that the game you get is legit, then you should buy if from the developer. You can also try some great places online that sell games like this one. The best these stores are they can offer you a wide variety of choices. Just in case you have extra budget and you see another interesting game.

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