Offers an Optimal Space for Controlling a Computer Mouse Under Any Circumstances! Don’t Miss It Out!

When we think about setting up a pc, we consider following every aspect of it. We give our best knowledge in buying the entire necessary output device for our pc set-up. However, as a basic part of every pc setup, it is necessary to include a keyboard and mouse pad as well, which people often don’t consider important.

A keyboard and mouse pad is a major part of enhancing the accessibility of the keyboard and mouse compared to direct use on a surface table. Thus, to increase and improve the usability of the keyboard and mouse, a proper pad will provide a smooth, high-speed mouse experience to the owner.

Dragon with Blue Paint Splash Keyboard and Mouse Pad

Generally, with no keyboard and mouse pad, the programming of a pc-by mouse on the wrong surface will not perform or function properly. The keyboard and mouse pad are important to use for many reasons.

The dragon with Blue Paint Splash Keyboard and Mouse Pad is a large, suitable pad for keeping both the output device, keyboard, and mouse on it. This large pad is ideal for all-purpose like gaming, academic, or office pc set up. It gives the benefit of movement of the device during a maximum hour of working and also allows the person to use it for faster movement. 

Moreover, the pad is an environmental-friendly product and the surface is designed with the exact friction needed to get comfortable experiences. The surface supports both the device accurately. It comes with a foldable and non-slip base for a better experience. Using this pad is necessary to detect the direction and to protect the device from dirt.

Purchase your Dragon with Blue Paint Splash Keyboard and Mouse Pad today.


  • Material: Rubber
  • Model Number: Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Package: Yes
  • Style: Radiation Protection
  • Products Status: Stock
  • Size Detail: 250*300MM
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  • It gives a great performance while using the mouse and keyboard.
  • The pad gives stability to both devices, so it doesn’t slip at all. 
  • It is durable and gives full access to control.
  • The large surface increases the performance level.
  • The material provides hassle-free, clean, and radiation protection.
A close up of a computer


  • It is not available in one design and color and may find it difficult on using it for the first time.
  • It might destroy the finish of the table surface depending on the table surface material.


Nowadays, an attached extended keyboard and mouse pad are more used than a separate regular mouse pad. It is because both devices can keep on it and also can be adjusted as you want with any slippery. The best part is the desk won’t get any damage or scratches on it while using it. It helps to keep the area nice and clean.

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