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PC gamers around the world are looking forward to the upcoming PC games releases. Each new installment brings along with it exciting games that can keep gamers spell bound for hours at a stretch. A good example of such a release is the release of Gears of War on the 21st anniversary of the first game’s release. The anniversary celebration brings with it loads of free gifts and bonuses. Here’s a rundown of what’s in store for you when you play Gears of War on the Anniversary Release Date.

Advanced Techniques

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As per a report, Microsoft is looking forward to the upcoming PC games releases of Gears of War on the upcoming Xbox platform. Gears of War is the highly anticipated game developed by Cryptic Studios that will be the first class title to be launched from Microsoft. In case you missed it, Gears of War saw its initial public introduction at the Electronic Entertainment Expo during the 2010 GDC in San Francisco. The game is said to bring along great visuals and rich user experience. Xbox players around the world are sure to rejoice at the news.

The release of Gears of War is the brainchild of video gaming legends, John Carpenter and Michael Jordan. It is also one of the best upcoming pc games of all time. If you are a fan of sci-fi then this is the one for you. Players can get engrossed in the action packed game as they take on the role of a terminator-like commando and save the world from the clutches of the undead Horde.

Best Releases

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Another exciting title that is slated for the upcoming console platforms is Gears of War: Ultimate. The video games that are associated with Gears of War are known to entice both hardcore fans of the real Gears of War as well as new comers to the Gears franchise. The upcoming video games for Gears of War include co-op and competitive multiplayer offerings. The co-op offerings are based on the single player concept where you and your four friends can take on the role of a unit and save the Earth from the evil Overmind.

EA has revealed a sneak peek at the upcoming Plants vs. Zombies title, which is scheduled to hit the shelves of the gaming platforms in the next few months. You will have an opportunity to return to the crazy world of Popcorn Park once again. Get excited as you seek out your favorite plants as you level up and continue the journey as you try to eliminate the undead and other nasties roaming free in the land. You will also get to enjoy the best upcoming pc games of all time as you take on the grueling task of protecting the citizens of Popcorn Park by going through the dangerous obstacle courses set up by the zombies.

Why To Watch Them

The next title that has been given the green light by the producers is Half-Life 2. The zombie-invading, alternate dimension styled adventure game arrives bearing a strong story line that draws you deeper into this dark fantasy thriller. Team up with Gordon and defend earth from the creatures of the darkness as they traverse the hostile landscapes whilst battling Half-Life enemies while collecting valuable artifacts for your stash. If you thought the first Half-Life game was amazing, wait till you experience the thrilling action and gripping storyline of the second installment. The suspense and the horror you will feel as you fight against the infected entities will leave your breathless as you strive to survive against the adversity.

With the release of the highly acclaimed Dishonored as the final installment of the esteemed Dishonored series, the doors have opened for another long awaited sequel. gamers are now looking forward to the thrilling multiplayer sessions of their favorite open-world adventure game as they continue to expand the saga for Dishonored 2. The heroine of the game is back, and she has a lot to prove as she tries to keep her family safe and out of danger once again. With stunning graphics and awe inspiring gameplay, Dishonored is sure to live up to the high expectations created by the successful title. The single player campaign allows players to explore the amazing world using their imagination as they discover Victorian England while dealing with the evils that haunt the land.


Bethesda Softworks’ upcoming PC title called Elder scrolls 6: Gold Rush is also rumoured to be going through some serious changes. A couple of months ago, the game’s developer said that there would be at least two more content additions to the game before it’s ready for release. This is quite exciting news for fans of the single player role playing genre. If these new additions are anything like the exciting trailers we saw, then we could be looking at a very exciting open-world game in the making.

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