Overclock Your RAM In 2019 Is It Worth It?

Why You Should Overclock Your RAM (It’s Easy!)

Are you the one who loves playing modern games on their system and have spent hour and hours on building up your CPU? Then you surely will be interested in this topic as most of the gamers in 2019 are using different techniques to overclock their RAM for the maximum frame rate and optimal performance in terms of speed and processing;

What Is RAM?

We know all of you guys know what a RAM does, but we still have to define it to our new readers who are just embarking on their gaming journey. See, RAM according to its definition stands for Random Acess Memory unit. It’s just like your other hardware memory, which stores the data in it. Adding up more sticks of RAM will help the processor to work on more massive sets of information in a given time. To put it, a RAM unit is a memory in your computer which provides quick read and writes access to your hard disk which works as a storage device. Your processer takes the required data from the RAM directly, as retrieving it from the hard disk will take a much longer time and will cause the system to lag.

Why You Should Overclock Your RAM (It’s Easy!)
Why You Should Overclock Your RAM (It’s Easy!)

The Most Important Question How Much Memory Is Required In 2019?

To answer this question, we need to know what kind of workload you put on your system if you are a casual gamer 8 Gb RAM is enough for you. On the other hand, if you are someone who has to work on video encoding and decoding. Then you might require more than 16 GB of RAM along with mid to high-end graphic cards. 

How Much Should Be The RAM Speed To Overclock?

The speed of Ram is measured in Herz, which means millions of cycles per second. Several cycles per second equal to more data to be stored and be readout. The Speed of RAM is directly related to DDR (Double Data Rate). At this moment, DDR4 is the newest and has a higher DDR. 

Why You Should Overclock Your Computer’s RAM?

Overclocking may sound like a big heavy word, and some people may say it’s a hard task. But trust us when we say it’s as easy as upgrading your RAM. 

Before we move any further on why you should overclock your RAM, you need to know one more thing. More significant the gap between the clock speed of your RAM; more significant will be the stress on your motherboard to fill the void and make them work in harmony. 

Why You Should Overclock Your RAM (It’s Easy!)
Why You Should Overclock Your RAM (It’s Easy!)

When you overclock your graphic card, the main problem you face is overheating, which results in a throttle neck. But in the case of RAM, you don’t have to worry about heating. As it doesn’t dissipate much of the heat when compared to CPU and GPU. 

RAM, which comes with XMP, is factory overclocked. Initially, all RAMs work around 2666 Mhz. But with XMP Extreme Memory Layer It commands your system to support it. And go for more than 3000 Mhz speed.

With overclocking, your system can work on more extensive data in a shorter time. As a result, your work rate will increase gradually, and the efficiency of the order will increase.

Lastly, when you overclock your RAM, you are asking for other parts of your system to work more. Meaning you will be getting better performance from each of your components, whether its a GPU or CPU. Both will have a positive impact. 

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