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A hard-core gamer spends a lot on buying game CDs, play station, monitor and mouse. A good PC gamer desires to enjoy every dimension of the video game, especially visuals and sound. To experience the histrionic gameplay one needs an advanced headphone. Video games lately have an exotic background score that increases our adrenaline rush.

Video games like Call of Duty, Max Payne, Batman have enticing background score. Lately, a video game called Last Day of June has included mellifluous background score which as created by progressive rock musician Steven Wilson. However, one needs a good gaming headphone to experience the ecstasy of music and background score.  The gaming headphone, we are talking about, will allow the gamers to have an enhanced and enticing experience. Moreover, many video gamers use headphones while playing the game. The headphones will enable them to communicate with their co-player — this headphone as a mouth-piece. With the help of the mouth-piece or microphone, you can talk. This PC headset or gaming headphone has the noise-cancellation facility. One can listen to music or hear the voice without any unwanted noise.

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PC Headset Gaming Headphone

This gaming headphone is a perfect headphone for gamers. This product has an advanced bass feature. One can hear the deep and clear sound without any obstacle or unwanted noise. Moreover, this gaming headphone provides 3D surround sound effect. Furthermore, the headwear is adjustable, and it has soft, cushiony ear pads which gives you comfort while using it.

Best For Gamers

In addition to this, the gaming headphone is lightweight. It has a 3.5-millimeter jack. The jack can be inserted into your laptop, computer device, or play station. The cord length of the gaming headphone is pretty long. Not to mention, this product has a volume controller. This audio device is compatible with different kinds of gadget. However, this headset is not compatible with PS3 and XBOX360.

PC Headset: Features

It has flashing lights which make the headphones look very stylish. The light can shine in seven different colors.  Moreover, this has a volume control to adjust the volume. The facility to mute the microphone is also available.

In addition to this, the microphone is very flexible. One can rotate the microphone up to three hundred sixty degrees angle. This product is very lightweight and portable. One can easily carry this in their luggage bag or hand-bag.

This headphone requires the working voltage of  5V. It has a frequency range of 20Hz- 20 kHz. The cord of the headphone is  2.2m long. The audio jack is 3.5mm in diameter. The cost of this gaming headphone is $44.90. One can quickly get this product worldwide without paying any modicum shipping cost.


If you are a gamer and want to enjoy every bit and bass of the background score, this is the best option for you. You will almost feel like you are playing the game sitting inside an auditorium. We are sure that you will experience something very exotic, that you have never experienced before. Enjoy!

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