The Windows 10 Update Your PC

In an event organized by Samsung in August, Microsoft announced a forthcoming feature that will be supported by smartphones having Android 7 and above. For people who use PC and Phone simultaneously but lack seamlessness would be profited with this upgrade way much than others. For them, this feature will prove to be a boon because they can receive and place a call on their PC from smartphones with Android 7 and above. Windows 10 has many features and is helpful and useful software.

Place Or Receive Calls On Your PC With Windows 10 Update
Place Or Receive Calls On Your PC With Windows 10 Update

All About This Windows 10 Feature – Calls

Microsoft has named the feature as Calls. You will need to have an Android version 7 or above to enjoy this newly released feature. To date, Microsoft is the first brand introducing Call feature to an OS (operating system). In the league of innovation, other brands have marked their position as well, but with different products. Apple has introduced Continuity that allows users to pass documents, phone calls, and photos only between Apple Devices. Similarly, Samsung is also there in the league, offering the feature of mirroring content between Samsung and Smart devices, like macOS and Windows. 

Steps To Link Android 7+ Phones And Windows 10 To Enjoy Calls 

Getting started with the setup is easy. A few requirements mentioned below are needed. 

Place Or Receive Calls On Your PC With Windows 10 Update
Place Or Receive Calls On Your PC With Windows 10 Update

1. Windows 10’s Your Phone App

2. Android 7+ Phone 

Step 1 – Open Windows 10 preview and click on Your Phone App. There, click over the ‘Android’ option given in the rightmost side and tap to continue. 

Step 2 – In the next step, enter your mobile number and tap ‘Send.’ As you tap the send button, Microsoft will send you a link. Accessing the link will allow you to connect your PC with Android Phone. 

Step 3 – In a few seconds, you will receive a text over your Android phone. Open the text message and tap the link provided. The link will land you to the Google Play App. 

Step 4 – Install the App shown and open it. 

Step 5 – After Successful installation upon accessing the App, it will ask you to fill in your account information (Microsoft). Once you have input the information, tap to Sing In. 

Step 6 – Upon successful Sign In, your screen will show permissions asked by the App. You need to click Allow to give permission. Allowing Your Phone App to access contacts is necessary for proper functioning. 

Step 7 – Later, the App will ask permission to perform in Background. If you wish to continue, allow permission. 

Step 8 – In the last step, you will have to tap ‘Allow’ to connect your Android Device with your PC. 

An Additional Feature Of Windows 10 Your Phone App Apart From Calls 

Your Phone App, apart from allowing you to receive and place calls, also helps you access your messages and photos on PC. The options are provided on the leftmost side of the App. 

Thanks To Microsoft

In the end, cheers to Microsoft for bringing such an innovative feature. Definitely, a lot of people, consistently haggling between PC and Phone, will be relieved. 

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