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play ps4 games on pc

What games are available for PC from PlayStation Studios? Sony is gradually releasing specific titles from its portfolio to digital distribution platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store, and you might be wondering what’s accessible now and what’s coming soon. We’ll feature all play ps4 games on pc, as well as any previous second-party projects that have been transferred throughout the years, in this guide.

God Of War

Ps4 joystick

A cinematic action game about a father and kid traveling through a Norse mythology-based fantasy world.

This game is not only the best of all the lousy dad games, but it also has the worst of the terrible dads. Kratos is a grouchy god with a beard and a taste for violence, but he also has an intelligent child in his hands. Thus begins another violent romp, this time with more heart and a more nuanced view of the mass deity murderer. 


Ps4 joystick

From the creators of Dark Souls comes a dark, atmospheric action game focusing on rapid, brutal fighting.

The designers of Dark Souls have created an incredible action-horror game. Bloodborne combines gothic horror with Lovecraftian elements to create a bleak and evocative world filled with crazy scientists and wrathful gods. The combat system requires you to be hyper-aggressive in conflicts that can end your life in a matter of seconds. The remarkable vision behind Bloodborne becomes apparent as the world slides into lunacy and the plot gradually unveils itself—it’s a game you’ll be thinking about for years to come and a game so intricate that it takes several playthroughs to get the hang of it. It’s just one of the best games of all time, and it belongs on PC.

Imagine Bloodborne operating at 60 frames per second for a moment. Let’s face it, that’s every Hunter’s fantasy. Skulking around the streets of Yharnam as the disease ravages the city fills you with awe and terror at the horrific monsters you come across. Aggressive maneuvers are encouraged, and you will be rewarded for taking calculated risks against adversaries. The intense action of Bloodborne trains you to be a vicious assassin in a nightmare world. 

Everybody’s Golf

A colorful, approachable, and light-hearted golf game with hidden depth that’s simple to pick up and play.

Don’t let the bright, cartoon graphics deceive you. This is a well-made golf simulator with some challenging courses. Everybody’s Golf ignores the perceived stuffiness of the actual sport and instead offers you authority over golfing stereotypes. You can race around the open-world lobby, competing against strangers, or team up with pals for friendly rivalry. It’s a fantastic multiplayer game to play while chatting, and the Golf itself has a surprising amount of depth.

Everybody’s Golf is the game I’d pick if I had to pick just one from this list. It’s ideal if you only have half an hour to kill, but there’s also a surprising amount of depth to be discovered in its comic recreation of the sport. The stylized cartoony looks deceptive since this is a challenging game that is also quite addictive.

Everybody’s Golf is the PlayStation’s best series, uncharted. 


So far, those are our selections of best play ps4 games on pc! There are dozens of fantastic games that we were unable to include, but that’s what happens when you only have a limited number of slots.

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