Reasons To Play Online Console Games

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Play online console games are games that can be both offline and online. And the size of these games is also different. And they are also very enthralling to play. And these games are not played for free. People who like to play online console games buy them. There are many online console games. These are some-

Bright Memory Mobile Game-

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 The size of this game is 900 MB. This game is completely offline. And this game has to be bought. This game is not too long; it is only 1 hour – 2 hours. And the environment of this game is also different. Bright memory mobile game is a great game. And Guns are also good in this game. And there are puzzles in this game that solve and proceed.

Blade of God –

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 The size of this game is 2.6 GB, and this game will be completely offline. This game has a lot of hard action. And this game is slightly dependent on the Norse methodology. This is a fighting game. This game has also received many awards. Previously this game was in The Chinese language, but now it has also come in The English language. It is also a very popular game. The story modes of this game are the most different. The Blade of God game is very fun to play.

Pascal’s Wager-

Finally, this game is launched on Android. And the size of this game is 2 GB. And this game is completely online. Gameplay is a very good game. And in this game, there is a story mode, cut seen, and the fighting in this game is very hard. And in this, 3D graphics are seen. And you can explore this game as much as you explore; it will also be upgraded according to this game because it requires a lot of upgrades. And the main bosses of this game are very tough.

Sky Children Of The Light-

The size of this game is 1GB. And this game is completely online. This game is also with music, and there is a lot of interest in playing. There is a feel by playing this game. And story mode is also seen in this game, and your player also has to be upgraded in this game. Online places are also seen in this game. And can talk to them through emoji. The Concept is very good in this game.

Battle Prime-

This game is an online multiplayer komback CS shooter game. And the size of this game is 1.4 GB. And the multiplayer game is the most popular game. And the map, size, location, and graphics of this game are very amazing. And this game became very popular as soon as it came on Android. More than 1 million humans have downloaded this tournament.


Although there are numerous cons, we have concluded as a conglomeration that the pros ponderously outweigh them.

But we do agree that online gaming does have a downside like everything in life and that users should be limited, and online gamers should be aware of the things that can, god willing, materialize if their time gaming is abused.

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