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Amnesia: The Dark Eclipse is a psychological survival horror game released for PC in October of 2020. Developed by independent studio, Frictional Games the game follows heroine Tasia Trianon who is caught up in an investigation following a plane crash. 

There is something wrong with the plane and Tasia must travel into the afterlife in order to find out what the problem is. The journey will take her through areas of the world where she is attacked by ancient creatures and haunted places that are as real as they are terrifying.

From Frictional Games’ Point Of View, Amnesia

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The Dark Eclipse is the spiritual sequel to their successful horror survival game, Amnesia. The game follows the story of an independent researcher, Jill Valentine, who is faced with a series of murders committed by someone that she does not know. One part of the game is you having to piece together clues and investigate locations before being able to progress the storyline. 

The other part of the game is when you are trapped deep within the woods and you have to survive while your surroundings are attacking you. You have to use the tools found around your cabin to help you with your predicament.

In Amnesia

PC Games

The Dark Eclipse the player has to choose between saving the world or protecting it from an unknown danger. BioShock creator and writer Shawn Inglis return to the role of protagonist, taking us down a path that is similar to the one he created in the first part of his BioShock game. He now takes us on a journey to the depths of the Rapture and the reason why it is under attack from the underground facility known as the Divide. As you play through this part of the storyline, you will be asked to examine some old audio files that were recorded by ADAM. These recordings describe the birth of Rapture and its purpose in the journey of man.

BioShock refers to the first person shooter game where you take control of the main character, BioShock, and set out on an odyssey to find out what happened to Rapture. BioShock is set apart from the other video games as it is based on a plot about a catastrophic event that took place in Rapture, resulting in the birth of two main characters – ADAM andiltoncer. The game takes place in Rapture, just as soon as the citizens of the city are returning after the events of the first part of the game, and are shocked at the ‘new’ Rapture. The events of the game starts with BioShock writer Christian Bale, who is looking for a way to connect the opening scenes of the game and the ending scenes in order to give the player a sense of continuity, but also to establish a strong theme for the story.


The second part of the storyline deals with the remnants of ADAM andiltoncer, now known as Atlas. At first, Atlas seems to be the stronger and more intelligent of the two, which makes him the target of a group of lonely figures called the Protector. These are people who want to keep a lock on humanity, using the BioShock video game as the means to achieve this. As the story progresses, you realise that Atlas has a secret that will change the future of Rapture forever.

Some other interesting characters include those from the world of Pokemon, who are also known as trainers. These people know all about the different moves and skills needed to level up in several different video games, and will definitely help the player get through the harder stages more easily. The world of League of Legends also had its own spin on the idea of a video game, with a character called Ezreal. A very important part of his storyline involves the fact that he is part of a study group that aims to help the public get the use of new technology. This is important as most people think of consoles as being used by the elite to play the game, but the truth is that many ordinary people have enjoyed playing with them too, especially those who play in tournaments.


There is no doubt that there is big money to be made in the world of esport. Competitive gaming is growing in popularity and it is only a matter of time before betting and investing become commonplace. The best way to get involved in this growing sport is by buying one of the many PCs that support the League of Legends game – an easy way to make money and become a professional player. If you’re interested in playing interactive computer games that require you to think quickly, then you will probably enjoy playing in the competitive scene of any one of a range of PC video games. One such game is the new game EVE Online. If you love space combat with an air of mystery, then this is the game for you.

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