Silicone Keyboard

Silicone Keyboard USB Computer Accessory

With the advancement of computer technology, we are coming across so many computer accessories. And the evolution in this domain is also inevitable like others. What I feel about this particular field of science and technology that the change is pretty fast. What we used a decade ago has become obsolete now. Today we will discuss one such accessory that has made our life simpler in terms of using computers, laptops, and other related gadgets with more conveniently.

What is that? The portable silicone keyboard. It is soft, comfortable on your fingers, and travel-friendly. You can roll it up, and it becomes ready to go into a small space. Since soft and durable silicone is used to produce it, no damage will occur on rolling. You will get a feather touch while using this for typing.

The length of the keyboard is 15.8 inches and width 4.9 inches. There is a total of 103 key buttons in it. The USB wire attached to it is 55 inches long.

You will find a single keyboard inside a pack.

Silicone Keyboard USB Computer Accessory

The keyboard is essential for typing jobs. Though most of the gadgets like smartphones, tabs have built-in keyboard software, still using a physical one will make your typing more comfortable and faster too. Typing jobs using the software tends to make more errors compared to the physical ones. This soft silicone keyboard is what you were looking for doing all the typing jobs. It will provide you a feather-soft touch, and hence your fingers will not get tired. Instead of plastic made, start using this and feel the difference by yourself.

Thanks To The Flexibility Of The Silicone Keyboard

After knowing the advantages of physical keyboards, you might be thinking of the hassles involved carrying it from home to office and vice versa. Not to worry. It is extremely flexible because the material is soft silicon. You can roll it to make it small and easily carry it in the corner of your bag. Simple! And it has lesser chances of breaking and scratches as compared to the plastic made.

So, carry it with you wherever you need it and enjoy the fun of comfortable typing.

Feel The Feather Touch

The best advantage of this new age keyboard is its softness. Some plastic keyboards are so hard that you will have pain on your wrist and fingers. This will give you a feather-like softness. So typing will become fun instead of pain. And a USB cable of about 55 inches long is attached to it so that you can connect it to the device. This is compatible with most of the gadgets we use in the present scenario, as almost all of them have at least one USB port, if not more.

If your job also involves a lot of typing, my suggestion will be to bring this super-soft accessory that will not be harsh on your arms, wrists, or fingers. Get it soon, and enjoy the better replacement with no more looking back.     

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