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Some Interesting Educational Games For Kids

Most of the kids like to stick to mobiles for playing games. And it’s really tough to prevent them from doing that. But, it will be really wonderful if they can learn while playing something interesting.

If you’re a parent or teacher, you should always choose the appropriate educational games for kids. This post is dedicated to the discussion of some of these games. As a result, they can learn something while experiencing fun and entertainment.

Fish School HD

Is your child a preschool goer? Then Fish School HD will be a perfect game for your little one. This game helps kids to learn many things about numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. They can learn very easily while being in an interesting ambiance.

It’s an excellent app if you want your child to learn something in an interesting way. Everything can be learned here by playing with beautifully animated fishes. Moreover, fishes will be of the shapes of different letters. Just kids need to recognize them.

Some Interesting Educational Games For Kids
Some Interesting Educational Games For Kids

Boggle Junior

Maximum two kids can play this interesting game that’s all about identifying letters, words, spelling, memory, and matching. Boggle Junior features two multilevel games. Whereas the first one can be played by 3-years old kids, the second one is perfect for further advanced spellers.

Math And Letters Air Control

This mind-blowing educational game helps your child to revise both numbers and letters at once. Three difficulty levels are there in Math and Letters Air Control. But, great entertainment and fun will be guaranteed with the teachings of fundamental English and Mathematics. You can easily run this game in your iOS device without having to worry about any in-app purchase.

Balloony Word

Do you want your kids to enhance their vocabulary knowledge? Balloony Word will be the perfect game for them. Learning with fun is guaranteed here. It’s actually a better modification of the former hangman game.

Balloony Word is about guessing words and improving vocabulary at the same time. Kids always appreciate balloons, isn’t it? And this game will enable them to pop balloons when improving their knowledge. This amazing game will help your kids to sharpen their spelling skills.

Some Interesting Educational Games For Kids
Some Interesting Educational Games For Kids

Stack the States

Geography seems to be a difficult subject for most of the kids. This entertaining yet tricky game will help your younger one to handle this subject. It’s an incredibly colorful and zestful game while covering the fundamentals of geography, including geographic locations, state capitals, flags, and so on.

When they will start learning more states, free bonus games will start unlocking. And thus kids will get more inspiration to learn with concentration.


Your kid will definitely enjoy this game while learning word spellings. Even everyone can play Bananagrams. It’s all about structuring crossword grids. The real fun of this game lies in playing by groups. Moreover, its educational aspect is also wonderful. It’s a funny way to learn the process of spelling words.

Educational games are one of the best ways to help children learn something valuable while keeping their interest intact. It’s time to help them to play these games.

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