Sony PlayStation Studios’ Shawn Layden Inform Current Generation to Get Out and Live


What would you do if the owner of a gaming company would tell you right in the face to stop playing video games and get out to experience the grandeur of life, then what would you do? Would you simply laugh and tell this person to mind his own business? Or would you actually stop playing your game, start to think for yourself a bit, and then go do what you’re told to do? If your answer is the latter, then good for you. You are finally doing what every responsible adult should be doing now.

Video Games is a Part of Humanity

Video games have definitely evolved the same way as humanity did. Of course, I am not talking about gameplay or graphics-wise. The changes that I’m talking about has something to do with how people view video games in general. Some people believe in video games as nothing more than a past time. If you’re bored and you need something to do, then it’s always been the role of video games to fill that gap.

But today, it would seem that video games are more than just a past time activity. With the advent of more games and more game consoles out there in the market, the time has probably come for gaming to become more than just a hobby or a side activity.

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The Future of Video Games

There are organizations that have tournaments and E-sports contests all over the world. Fighting games such as Tekken and Street Fighter are now major categories in order to determine who is the best when it comes to fighting games. Multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA games are very popular when it comes to online tournaments too. In fact, becoming a player for any of these games can earn you money. And if you are taken in by a professional gaming group, you may very well have a career in gaming!

Black Sony Dualshock 4

Mr. Lynden’s Voice to the Gaming Community

However, Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Lynden has some very fond words to say about the whole video gaming experience:

When I started with PlayStation, gaming was still a minority; it was not a mainstream activity. With video games, it was always about kids playing computer games while in college, you don’t deal with that anymore. “Dude, you’ve got a record player – why would you need the game console?” People would actually evaporate away from it. That has changed so much in our time in this space. You hear proper mainstream press talking about music, movies, games. We’ve gone from being the third cousin in entertainment to be one of the three bright stars.

It has changed so dramatically over the last 10, 15 years. The future, to me, is just a continuation of that trajectory. Some people are into platform video games while others are trying to market virtual reality or augmented reality. Certainly, it is different for us in the studio. Innovation, creativity, giving people the ability to experience who you can be in this so-called video game world is a creative spin. And there’s also this huge technology train that runs right alongside it.

Both of these have to move, and there aren’t other businesses that have the same storytelling power and impetus, again, tied to, what’s this technology locomotive going to provide and bring to me? It’s ever exciting because it’s ever-changing. I think we’re just going to see more of that. The power in phones and tablets is already well beyond what a PlayStation One would give you. The power of my Fitbit is more than the Apollo 11.” – Shawn Lynden to Game Informer on the future of the Sony PlayStation 4

So as you can see, playing video games is fine for as long as you also have the drive to go outside and live a life together with your family and friends. Your games can wait.

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