Console Gaming

Best Console Games You Need To Know About

A remote control sitting on top of a wooden table

This article is based on the best console games ever played in the world of gaming. These games give us a different experience than most other.

The Advanced Guide To Animal Crossing Switch

Animal Crossing Switch

Animal Crossing Switch is an upcoming life simulation video game created and released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console. It’s the fifth installment in the Animal Crossing series that began with Animal Crossing on the DSiWare download platform. The Switch version will be available in all countries on March 3, 2020.

PlayStation VR

How To Properly Set Up PlayStation VR: Exclusively For Gamers

People often have trouble while setting up the PlayStation VR. Here are some tips that can ease your task. DM

Hidden Object Free Online Game

Hidden Object Free Online Game

There are various types of online games on the net.

Best Game Controllers For Mobile

Best Game Controllers For Mobile

The best game controllers for mobile devices.

Healthy Gaming: How Much Is Enough?

Healthy Gaming: Playing Computer Games Healthily

Okay, perhaps I shouldn’t be the spokesperson for this kind of topic of healthy playing of computer games. Because first off, I am slightly overweight. Second, I have high blood pressure and I can feel the heat rise up to my face whenever I play a game of Dotes with my friends and some of […]

Top 5 Most Difficult Nintendo Action Games

The Top Five Most Difficult Action Game By Nintendo

Everyone loves a challenging action game. But, if the challenge takes too much of your concentration and your hand-eye coordination, then you know that you’re in for a real fight. When it comes to the NES game library, there will always be those notorious games. Ones that you play it for hours or even for […]

Fighting Games: Brief History

Sonic Boom - A Brief but Colorful History of Fighting Games

I remember visiting the arcade frequently as a kid whenever I had some spare change. This was 1993 and back then, the arcade is probably the only place where you can hang out with your friends and brag about your gaming prowess. And in every area of the arcade, there is always that one special […]

Xbox Maintenance: Keep Playing Longer

Xbox Maintenance: Keep Playing Longer

For today, we are going to talk about how to take good care of your cable box and eventually play more games with it. What? Did I say anything wrong? There’s really nothing wrong with what I said, right? I mean, this huge box right in front of me doesn’t really have that many games. […]

Top 5 Retro Adventure Games That Had Us Hooked

Top 5 Retro Adventure Games That Got Us Addicted

We all have memories of our favorite adventure games. The retro ones that we used to play with our siblings. If you’re not too familiar with what AVGN means, those are actually the initials of Youtube’s most popular retro gaming critic, the Angry Video Game Nerd. Starring James Rolfe as “The Nerd”, the show is […]

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