Some Information About Nintendo Switch Black Friday

Some Information About Nintendo Switch Black Friday

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals are always in the hot topic. Watch out.

The Gaming Consoles

One of the biggest dilemmas for game console owners is what to do with the old gaming consoles that are stuck on your shelf. The easiest answer would be to sell all of them, but if you’re just like me, a sentimental fool who loves collecting stuff that reminds me of certain special events of […]

Top 5 Most Difficult Nintendo Action Games

The Top Five Most Difficult Action Game By Nintendo

Everyone loves a challenging action game. But, if the challenge takes too much of your concentration and your hand-eye coordination, then you know that you’re in for a real fight. When it comes to the NES game library, there will always be those notorious games. Ones that you play it for hours or even for […]

Top 5 Retro Adventure Games That Had Us Hooked

Top 5 Retro Adventure Games That Got Us Addicted

We all have memories of our favorite adventure games. The retro ones that we used to play with our siblings. If you’re not too familiar with what AVGN means, those are actually the initials of Youtube’s most popular retro gaming critic, the Angry Video Game Nerd. Starring James Rolfe as “The Nerd”, the show is […]

The Game Boy – The Grandfather of All Handheld Consoles

A black video game controller

Nintendo. Home of the NES and the Game Boy. Considered as the company that saved home console gaming, this company is responsible for many “firsts” in the world of video games. The Nintendo Entertainment System is the first to be recognized as a home gaming console. While you already have the Atari home systems, no […]

A Tribute to Nintendo’s Famicom – The Console that Helped Save the Gaming Industry

The year is 1983 and it was a very rough time for game developers everywhere. Atari first started the trend. Now every electronic company is making their own gaming console to cash in as well. The Atari 2600 is a very simple console that allowed players to enjoy a simple game of Pong. The console […]

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