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Top 5 Retro Adventure Games That Had Us Hooked

Top 5 Retro Adventure Games That Got Us Addicted

We all have memories of our favorite adventure games. The retro ones that we used to play with our siblings. If you’re not too familiar with what AVGN means, those are actually the initials of Youtube’s most popular retro gaming critic, the Angry Video Game Nerd. Starring James Rolfe as “The Nerd”, the show is […]

Retro Gaming – My Love Affair With Contra

Retro gaming explosions. Pixelated gunfire. Enemies all over the place. You, a soldier-hero wearing nothing but blue-colored military fatigues running and shooting the baddies in order to secure a better future for humanity. These are all the necessary ingredients needed for creating one of the best video game of all time. Contra – The retro […]

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