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Multiplayer Games Online Tips: Essential Dota Strategies

Hobby In Gaming- Being A Good Gamer

Here’s anther blog post about the best multiplayer games online of all time. Do Now you can start leaving in anger, sputtering complaints about why I, a player with probably the lowest MMR ever, have the audacity to write such a post. Well complain all you want and I probably won’t even care. But, for […]

Top Games Updates: (DotA 2) – Update 7.21 is here! Part 2

Top Games Updates: (DotA 2) - Update 7.21 is here! Part 2

DotA 2 is one of the top games in the world right now. If you are reading this to learn more about it. You have come to the right place. Today, we’re still going to discuss some of the major patch changes that have taken effect right after Update 7.21. It’s very important to learn […]

Online Games News: DotA Version 7.21 is Here!

Online Games News: DotA Version 7.21 is Here!

DoTA is without a doubt one of the best online games ever created. They have just released an update. You have to know about this. On January 29, Valve released a new update for DotA 2. Update 7.21 is an important patch update because of the introduction of the new Ranked Season. If you haven’t […]

Is DOTA Still The Best Strategy Game Online?

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Don’t get me wrong; I do not dislike DotA. It is still one of the best strategy games online out there. I just don’t like playing it anymore. The reason? Well, I belong to perhaps one of the most toxic regions in the world when it comes to playing one of Valve’s greatest when it […]

Historical Strategy Games – Total War Series

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Historical strategy games are different from normal strategy games. A strategy game is all about planning your next move to take advantage of your enemies. One popular example is Age of Empires. Any game that lets you think of creative ways to win is considered a strategy game. Strategy and History So what’s the difference […]

Nobunaga’s Ambition-A Unique Strategy Computer Game

Nobunaga’s Ambition-A Unique Strategy Computer Game

Ahhh Japan. The land of delicious sushi, ramen, anime, and video games. It is here where Nintendo, the company that saved the future of home computer games was born. Several other gaming companies are also here, such as Namco, Tecmo, Koei, and Capcom reside. Among these many companies that create games for consoles, Koei that […]

How We Got Brother Aegis From DotA

Online Game For Boys Story: Brother's Aegis From DotA

I was playing the most awesome online game for boys one afternoon when someone sent me a message on Facebook. It was from my brother, Jake. Back in the good old days when I was still an active player, my brother and I would summon our goons for a good game of 5 on 5 […]

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