The Best Mobile Idle Games Available

best mobile idle games

So you’re interested in finding some of the best mobile idle games available. Everyone has their own lists of favorites and some of those you really enjoy, some you play once or twice and then give up, and others you keep playing because you really enjoy the story line and artwork, plus it’s just nice to take a break from the monotony of everyday life. It can be really easy to lose yourself in such an engrossing game, and forget about everything else around you. So, what exactly are some of the best mobile idle games?

List Of Best Mobile Idle Games

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The First One That Springs To Mind Is Fallout Shelter

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Fallout Shelter is an online flash game and you will need to have a browser that supports Java to run this game effectively. This game has multiplayer options, with split-screen and online head-to-head competitions. Plus, the graphics are quite nice and the background sounds are quite realistic. If you enjoy a good mystery game, this one’s for you.

Another One Of The Best Mobile Idle Games Out There Is Dungeon Dweller

Now, this game isn’t very unique in any way, but it does have a nice storyline and it’s enjoyable overall. You have a limited amount of lives and you must explore the different dungeons, collect items, fight bosses and defeat enemies along the way. You will also find hidden chests and artifacts along your journey as well. Again, this game is quite fun, even if you do lose a bit of life at the beginning.

Fully Crafted Pixel Art Game Called Pixel Dream

Another great game to play that features art pieces is the artfully crafted pixel art game called pixel dream. It allows you to basically use an art pen to create your own unique characters. There are many different elements that can be added to your artwork, and each character comes with its own special moves and weapons. This game is definitely one of the best idle mobile games out there, and it comes in both portrait and 3D screen modes. The art pieces are quite nice, and it really makes for an interesting gaming experience.

If you want to travel to a mysterious land called dungeons, you might enjoy the best mobile game on itch. It’s a side-scrolling dungeon-crawler, and it gives you the opportunity to buy weapons, gain powers and defeat enemy characters as you progress through its levels. You will find that this is a dungeon-crawler that takes a while to get into, but once you do, it’s addicting. Plus, it comes with its own mafia wars style of game, in which you take on other mafia members to try and take over the game for your own mafia.

Play A Pure Idle Game Like Tap

If you prefer to have something that is purely leisurely, you might want to play a pure idle game like tap. In this game, you tap the screen to make birds land on it, and it’s up to you to keep tapping to make more birds land. There are five different stages to this, and you must build a bridge to move from one island to the next. You also have a variety of different tools to use as you build your bridge, and an unlock system that will keep you interested. This is definitely one of the best mobile idle games out there, and it might even be worth getting for that iPhone or Android phone you have if you haven’t picked one up lately.

If you’d rather have a gaming app that is not entirely idle, there are a couple of other apps that can be played on either Android or iPhone that are a lot of fun as well. One of those is the idle farm, which gives you a green (or orange) avatar and lets you earn money throughout the day by tending to crops and animals. Another one is farmville: special Edition, which is a free app that has the classic farming game with an upgrade that allows you to add animals and features like storage. Both of these apps are available for both the iPhone and Android phones, so if you are looking for a gaming app that is not entirely idle, they are both good options.


With all the choices for good idle games that you can find on the Internet, there really isn’t any question about where you should put yours. Once you pick one of them, you can begin playing right away, and you never have to worry about being bored with it. Whether you’re on a really warm summer day or on a freezing cold winter day, you’ll find a good idle game waiting for you on the Internet. With all these choices, you shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with a great one to play whenever you get some free time.

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