The Evergreen Console Quality Games You Can Play On Your Smartphone This Weekend

console quality games

Those days are gone when you play Super Mario on your TV screen with your buddies during the summer vacation. Mobile technology has evolved significantly in this 21st century, and now gamers prefer using smartphones for playing their day-to-day games. Believe it or not, the smartphone in your pocket is capable enough to run console quality games without the need for any additional gaming accessories.

Surprisingly, many hat winning console games are now available for smartphone users at a cost-effective price. If you have an advanced gaming smartphone, here are the best console quality games you can play on your device now itself!

PUBG Mobile

Since 2016, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been the most top-rated Android game, played by billions of users worldwide. Previously, this game was designed for XBOX and PS4, but seeing the popularity, it is also available for Android

and iOS users.

Tencent Games, a Chinese-based organization, has recreated and designed this game for smartphone users. Believe it or not, PUBG Mobile is more popular and highly rated than the version available for desktop or PS4 users.

PUBG Mobile hosts numerous tasks, weapons, outfits, last-man-standing matches, survival rounds, chicken dinner, frying pans, etc. According to many reports, PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games where users prefer playing it with their friends. Nothing is better than the chicken dinner victory every day for the PUBG lover.

Nevertheless, recently this game was banned by India and many other countries for safety issues, but soon this game will be available for everyone.


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Fortnite was always the first love for the PS4 and XBOX teenagers, which was released back in 2017. Fortnite was the toughest competitor of PUBG, and these two games are evergreen. Fortnite drops a total of 100 players, including you, into a beautiful island where you’ll try to survive using different weapons, vehicles, and similar stuff.

Undoubtedly, it is like a horrible dream where you’re trying your best to kill the demon running behind you. Fortnite is available for all the most used operating systems, and you can start playing now itself.


Minecraft is another popular game and one of the toughest competitors of PUBG Mobile. Minecraft is a game where anything can happen, and you need to prepare yourself to fight every enemy. Thanks to the mobile version because people always have bold and wild construction ideas in their minds. Initially, the lite version of this game was launched nearly ten years back, but Microsoft and Google keep updating this game’s animation.

The first version of Minecraft was uninteresting, and there were only limited features. Now, you’ll see a wide range of tools, new toys, and even marine biomes. Minecraft mobile version is one of the best games you can play with your friends this weekend.

Final Words

We think you can drop the plan of watching web series this weekend and try these console quality games on your smartphones. Trust us; if you haven’t played this game, you’ll surely get addicted to them within hours.

Have Fun With Your Friends!

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