The Game Boy – The Grandfather of All Handheld Consoles

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Nintendo. Home of the NES and the Game Boy. Considered as the company that saved home console gaming, this company is responsible for many “firsts” in the world of video games. The Nintendo Entertainment System is the first to be recognized as a home gaming console. While you already have the Atari home systems, no other computer system was as adaptable and unique as the NES.

From Humble Beginnings

The Famicom is also the first in that regard within the Asian market. Lastly, you have the Game Boy. Developed as an 8-bit handheld gaming device, the Game Boy was revolutionary because for the first time in the history of consoles, there now exists a console that kids can take to school. And often with severe repercussions from the teachers!

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The Legacy of the Game Boy

Nevertheless, the Game Boy was a true innovation for its time. Finally, people can start playing games even while walking in the street or just hanging out with their friends outside. You can even listen to the audio of the game that you’re playing with the help of an earphone. And against other handheld consoles, only the Nintendo Game Boy has an extensive number of games in their library. The device is just that good.

Nintendo’s Game N’ Watch: An Unknown Predecessor of the Game Boy

To be precise, however, the Game Boy is not exactly Nintendo’s first ever handheld console. The Game N’ Watch was the very first pocket computer game that you can buy back in the day. However, everyone was now so fixated on the Gameboy that the Game N’ Watch slowly retreated back in the limelight. I can even remember how I first got my very own Gameboy. I remembered exactly how many times I had to beg my parents to get me one for my 10th birthday, When the day finally came, I couldn’t contain my joy when I finally tore open the package that hid my beloved handheld gaming console. Right after the party, I immediately enjoyed playing “Super Mario Land” together with my friends.

While the Gameboy was a far superior machine when compared to the other handheld gaming device made by other computer companies, the portable device also had its own set of issues. For one, the device was a beast when it comes to power. It needed a lot of batteries in order for the machine to run properly, so I had to buy batteries a lot. Also, the screen of the game console was too little and all too blurry. Especially if you’re under the light, you can barely see what is shown on the screen. You can either squint your eyes in order to have a better look at the console or buy a third party device that magnifies the screen of the Gameboy.

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The Game Boy is Here to Stay!

During the late 90s, Nintendo realized that a new version of the Gameboy should also be released. Since they’ve already released the Super Nintendo, the company in Japan began making plans to release an upgrade of the Nintendo Game Boy. Thus, in March of 2001, the Gameboy Advance was released. A more powerful and colored version of the original Gameboy device, the Gameboy Advance featured a more ergonomic shape and color. The graphics were a whole lot better when compared to the Gameboy and this new portable gaming device no longer needed too many batteries to run. It now featured a port where you can insert an adapter for charging the console itself.

Today, the Gameboy is now remembered as the great grandfather of all handheld portable gaming consoles. As for my old Gameboy, it now stands beside my old Xbox 360 inside a cabinet. A hundred thanks to you, my trusty Gameboy. May you forever rest, but your legacy will remain strong for many years to come!

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