The New Game For the Beginners

The New Games For the Begineers

Gamers who love trying out different games often forget how difficult it is to understand and get into this gaming field if they haven’t grown up with it. There are so many aspects of a game that one has to remember and it is often very tough. Learning how the dual joysticks work and how to use them for the movement purpose, how to look at the game, understanding and memorizing the controls as well as button placements are some of the things that one has to understand in gaming.

It is pretty daunting for a novice irrespective of their age. We have been in your place a long time ago and we know how daunting and what kind of negative impact a game can create. This is the reason why we have added a collection of games that are perfect for the novices as a hobby. These games are pretty simple and you can play them without any hassle.

These slow paced games are something that you can control and work around them with ease. If you are a novice or any of your friends, then get them acquainted with these amazing games as they will understand how things work usually.

The New Game For the Beginners
The New Game For the Beginners

Stardew Valley: Explore The Fun In Farming

The New Game For the Beginners
The New Game For the Beginners

The Stardew valley is one of those games which involves a lot of fun and friendly farming simulation. If you are interested in farming, then this game is surely for you. The light RPG mechanics are something to look out for. In this game, you will get a deed of an old farm and it is your responsibility to restore it and get its glory back. You should make friends with the local villages and barter with them at times and also do business with them. You should grow crops and explore various dungeons that are present in that village. This game can be considered as one of the best for this generation.

Child Of Light: Bring Light Into The Darkness

This is a simple yet amazing game with a nail-biting storyline. The RPG allows a second player to take part in this game and he/she is called as a supportive fairy. A single joystick is enough for this game and is perfect for the youngsters who are planning to start their gaming experience. The child of light has a storyline along with fantasy in a whole new world. The fun combat and hand painted artwork is worth mentioning.

Digital Lego

Well, Minecraft doesn’t need an introduction right! This is the perfect game that will help you with taking up gaming as a hobby. There are some passive creative modes that are designed especially for young gamers. You can use these creative modes to build a city that is free from any kind of threat or difficulty. Once you get all the grips under control, you will have an option to move to the survival mode. This will help in evaluating the difficulty and the player’s confidence in such difficult situations.

Diablo III

If you are someone who loves taking up difficult challenges as you progress through a game, then this Diablo III is something that is perfect for you. It meets your skill level and you can set up the difficulty level as you please. There is an option to get online cooperation or couch and you can get any of your friend on board to play this game. This RPG has isometric action and with so many unique classes. You will be able to see some customizable playstyles too. As a reward, you will get to grab some loots. Sounds interesting right!

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