The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Why is it so Addicting?

Freemium games are everywhere. You’ll see them either on Google Play or on Apple’s IOS games section. Some of those games are based on fantasy novels and movies, while others are from action films and even puzzles and zombie games. And then there are the games based on animated sitcoms, like the Simpsons and Family Guy. One of the best freemium games that’s available to play for both Android and IOS phones is The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

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Legacy of the Simpsons

Developed by EA Mobile in 2012 with over $130 million in revenue, the game is actually good with content being updated month after month. I was utterly surprised when I saw this game for the first time. I love the Simpsons ever since I was a kid, so a game that featured the Simpsons and their neighbors and friends in all their glory was something that made me excited while I downloaded the game a few years ago.


I find the start of the game extremely hilarious. While busy at work in the nuclear power plant, Homer is ranting about an online game while playing his MyPad, ranting how senseless it was. Unfortunately, he did not realize that the reactor core of the nuclear power plant was now at a critical level.

With a bang, the explosion created a rift in the universe where alternate “Springfields” showed up. Homer wakes up to find Lisa and he begins to bring back Springfield hoping that the rest of his family and neighbors will come back too.

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Mmmm… Freemium Games…

Playing the game is very simple and addictive; simply tap your way back to Springfield’s old glory. You can build and rebuild all the houses, businesses and buildings in the city. Once a task is complete, you earn money and sometimes, donuts. Well, more like “irradiated donuts that gained the power to control time”. You can use those donuts to construct important buildings at a rapid pace instead of waiting for hours for the building to finish.

Your Very Own Springfield!

Since it is a game about the Simpsons, the humor is also there. I love annoying Homer with jobs that make him clean Springfield. With every tap, each of the characters has their own quirky response. As for Homer, his best two responses are “Work? I thought this was a game!” and “Yaaaay, it’s not Flanders!”. Of course, there’s his trademark “D’oh!” response for events that make him work or anything that has to do with Flanders. Finally, his best response when Flanders finally appeared on the game was “Stupid Flanders! Appearing this early in the game!”

Issues with the Game

My only complaint with the game is that it sometimes crashes while I play on my Samsung phone. I am not sure whether this has something to do with the fact that my phone is an older model or if I need to reinstall the game again. Also, as the game progresses, it becomes harder and harder for me to gain cash and donuts. Or maybe it’s just me. I sometimes do not have the patience for these freemium games. In any case, try the Simpsons: Tapped Out. It’s one of the best freemium games that you can play for hours when you’re not doing anything else.

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