PS4 Games 2020

The gaming world is going to witness a boom in the upcoming year. The beginning of the new decade will bring some pleasant surprises for ardent gamers. Various publishers like Capcom, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Xbox Game Studios, etc. are all set to flood the market. Some of them will be a PlayStation exclusive. Here is a list of the best upcoming ps4 games 2020 to look forward to in the next year!

The Top 10 PS4 Games 2020 Which You Will Love
The Top 10 PS4 Games 2020 Which You Will Love

The Best PS 4 Games 2020

  1. Twin Mirror – This adventure game will be published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and will be one of most prominent among ps4 games 2020. If you are easily hooked on to psychological thrillers, make sure to watch out for this one!
  2. The Dark Pictures Anthology – The famous development studio Supermassive games are set to come out with a collection of horror titles. In this game, the aim is to make the characters survive the horror campaign.
  3. Outriders – From the development console of People Can Fly, Outriders is one of the best upcoming ps4 video games. You make way fighting numerous creatures to reach the energy source. The cooperative gameplay feature will enhance the experience allowing free entry and exit anytime. 
  4. Minecraft: Dungeons – This competitive multiplayer game is much awaited by gamers across the world. Cooperative gaming allows up to 4 member teams that have to navigate through a series of obstacles.
  5. Gods & Monsters – If you are Greek mythology fanatic, this one’s is for you. Ubisoft announced the game in the ER3 press conference of 2019. You play a character blessed with powers from God, fighting to end a mythical creature Typhon.
The Top 10 PS4 Games 2020 Which You Will Love
The Top 10 PS4 Games 2020 Which You Will Love

The Next Best

  1. Watch Dogs Legion – Another creation by Ubisoft, which is sure to turn on the latent adventure hunter in you! ps4 games 2020 hold a lot of promise for action and story, and it certainly tops it. DedSec wants to make the UK free from some rising power, and you are to provide aid. 
  2. Cyberpunk 2077 – A far insight in the future where the world is ruled by tyranny, this came has been keeping a lot of gamers excited for the release. This certainly qualifies to top the best upcoming ps4 video games list.
  3. Final Fantasy VII Remake – Square Enix is bringing the remake of its most loved game, and the gamers are already showering their praise for its narrative adventure. It’s a chance to experience this in a whole new light!
  4. The Last Of Us Part 2 – Developers Naughty Dog have claimed this is one of their best efforts so far. A sequel to the story of Ellie who wishes to bring down a cult for its actions is set in a post-apocalyptic world. 
  5. Doom Eternal – The thrill of seeing the foe go down after attack is immense, and this game offers exactly that to the players. This is just one of the reasons why it’s here for top ps4 games 2020.

 2020 will be filled with a lot of game releases. The numerous options will leave no genre of gaming saturated. Just wait and let the best one unveil for you! Read as gaminggram is explaining in its blog post.

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