The Top 3 Classic Console Games You Should Try This Weekend

Classic Console Games

Are you developing that nostalgic feeling? Well, then you should get back to those early 90s where classic console games were like a diamond for everyone. Nowadays, these retro games dominate the gaming sector, and gamers of this era are loving them.

But which are the best retro console games you should try on your PlayStation? For answering these overwhelming questions, we’ll mention the best retro console games that are cost-effective and readily available. The concept of the interface of these games might look outdated; hence you check the titles of every game.

There’s good news many games will be available at a flat 75% discount on Christmas eve. Let’s jump in and know about the top-rated classic console games.

Super NES Classic

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Nintendo made the 90s kids’ childhood memories memorable and enjoyable. Nintendo started dominating the gaming sector with NES Mini Classic. Recently Nintendo launched a game library known as ‘Super NES Classic.’

In our opinion, Super NES Classic is not like the vintage Super Mario World, Super Punch-out, etc. These vintage games are now updated with the latest interface and modern controls. You’ll never have that nostalgic feeling while playing this game. Nevertheless, Super NES Classic is far better than these vintage games in terms of interface, controls, graphics, and titles.

PlayStation Classic

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When it comes to 3D games, nothing can beat PlayStation Classic in both the 20th and 21st centuries. PlayStation Classic holds a prominent in the retro gaming sector. As per reports, PlayStation Classic was the first to say bye-bye to 2D games and introduce 3D games to the world. PlayStation Classic became famous because of Resident Evil and Fantasy VII.

Well, Sony dominated the gaming sector in the late 90s, picked many low and high-end titles, and launched the most appreciated library in the gaming sector. PlayStation Classic is the best retro console for trying the world’s first 3D games. Furthermore, it has the most iconic games of the late 90s, and still, this console is quite budget-friendly.


Even when PlayStation has become wireless and highly-advanced, we can still see some handheld emulators in the market. These retro handheld consoles freshen up all our childhood memories. For today’s kids, they might look outdated, but for you, it might be love at first sight.

Evercade is a different retro console where you need the buy game cartridges separately. Here, you get the freedom to build your retro game collection. Plus, every gaming cartridge will hardly cost you $15. The display of this retro console is apparent and comes with two aspect ratios, 16:9 and 4:3. The button layout of this console is easy to use, and you’ll love this type of console.

Final Thoughts

Alright, so we think now you’re ready to make your personal sweet retro collection without burning your pockets. If there are no outing plans for this Christmas, dive into the nostalgic feeling with these classic console games.

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