The Top Free Facebook Games We Used To Love

The Top Free Internet Game that People Used to Love in Facebook

If you are currently looking for a fun and free internet game online. You are on the right place.

People love Facebook. People also love free internet games that come with Facebook. When I joined back in 2009, one of the reasons why I started to take an interest in Facebook is because of Mafia Wars. Most of my friends got hooked on it, so I decided to have a go at it. Unfortunately enough, the game brought me over with its simple graphics and a good storyline. I’m pretty sure those are also the reason why my friends started playing not just Mafia Wars, but the other games that were featured on Facebook too.

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Fast-forward to this day, Facebook is still alive and kicking. And so are their games. While some are very interesting, some are just mundane and plain copies of other popular games online. I truly miss the old games that I once played on Facebook, so for nostalgia’s sake, I’ll talk about some of the best Facebook free internet game that all of us used to love.

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Perhaps the most popular free internet game on Facebook as far as I can remember, Farmville made famous the country life simulation games on Facebook. When Farmville’s fame exploded in the social media scene, almost every company that makes simple mobile games decided to create more and more games that resembled Farmville. In any case, the game is simply about you planting crops and taking care of different farm animals. You can add your Facebook friends for more rewards in the game. If you ask me, it’s a smart way to recruit more people to play your game!

Mafia Wars

A text and graphic based game based on the Cosa Nostra and other criminal elements. The fun part about this game is actually recruiting your Facebook friends to become your henchmen or buttonman. The more henchman you have, the more powerful you become a crime lord. This game actually made me stay inside my office for 2 more hours and it was a Friday night at that time. I refused to go out just so I can keep on playing more Mafia Wars!

Empires and Allies

Another fine example of a well-made Facebook game. It’s a shame that Zynga, the creator of some of the best Facebook games of the past, is already a shadow of its former self. Empires and Allies is a build-em up game, meaning you have to build your own base and start building your own army to defend yourself against other players who want to destroy your base. The graphic is smooth enough that even low-end computers can run the game comfortably. Also, there is an upgrade system with the units; by constantly upgrading your units, you gain an advantage over your enemies! Of course, your enemies will keep upgrading their units too, so be careful!

Pet Society

Finally, we have Pet Society. An extremely cute free internet game where you can create and customize your very own pet character, Pet Society is a social game. What I mean with that term is that some players use the game to introduce themselves to other players, who happen to be users of Facebook too. Again, this is another cool marketing strategy employed by Playfish, another company that made simple but enjoyable games. With your pet character, you can play games and interact with other “pets” made by your friends or by other people.

Candy Crush

Probably the most recent among Facebook free internet game in the list, Candy Crush was a very popular Facebook game back in 2014. It’s a Tetris prototype but instead of gems or stones, the tiles used are candies. Talk about playing while developing a sweet tooth! The game was annoying though; my mother kept on nagging me on sending her energy through my account so that she can keep playing.

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