Top 3 Nintendo Mobile Games Which Are Still Worth Playing In 2021

nintendo mobile games

Over the past few decades, Nintendo has won many titles for launching some fantastic and affordable mobile and PC games. If you’re a 90s kid, your first love would be the Nintendo mobile games which are unbeatable and incomparable with today’s multiplayer games. The Mario Series launched by Nintendo is unbeatable; Dr. Mario World, Super Mario Run, and Mario Kart Tour are the popular games of this series.

Nintendo launched many other games, and you can still play them in 2021. Unfortunately, Nintendo games are not grabbing much attention because of some famous Chinese games. Below, we’re mentioning the most popular games ever launched by Nintendo.

Dragalia Lost (One Of The Nintendo Popular Games)

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Nintendo is the original developer of Dragalia Lost, which used to be one of the most popular games for smartphone users. For Nintendo, Dragalia Lost is their third most profitable game and one of the best games in their entire catalog. Dragalia Lost is actually an action story game where individual players build their own team as the story progresses.

The story of Dragalia Lost is enough for grabbing the attention of today’s gamers. This game has nearly 60 different characters, which have distinct voices and facial features. These Nintendo games are easily available on both Google Play Store and App Store. In our opinion, you should try playing this game on your tablet instead of a smartphone for a better gaming experience.

Over the years, many bugs were fixed, and Nintendo keeps updating this game, but still, many people aren’t even aware of Dragalia Lost.

Fire Emblem Heroes (Best-Selling Battle Game)

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Fire Emblem Heroes is actually the most profitable game for Nintendo, and billions of gamers are still playing this game regularly. As you have a smartphone in your pocket, try this game once! This game is pretty impressive; as you keep progressing, the story always keeps you curious.

Fire Emblem Heroes is actually a battle game where you plan strategies, upgrade your equipment, and try different tactics for defeating your opponents.

If you’re a hardcore lover of strategy games, you should undoubtedly try Fire Emblem Heroes tonight. At times, this game’s story might get boring, but it will keep entertaining you, don’t worry!

Mario Kart Tour (Popular Game Of The Mario Series)

When Nintendo released the official poster of this game, everyone was having high hopes and waiting for the launch date. Believe it or not, you’ll never feel shy about spending a couple of dollars on this game. Mario Kart Tour is actually not the leading profitable game for Nintendo, but it raised awareness in the society about the other games.

The only drawback of this game is you need a subscription for unlocking the games, which is unexpected from Nintendo. If you’re still interested in Mario Kart Tour, download it from Google Play Store or App Store.

Final Words

So these were the best Nintendo mobile games that you can even try playing in 2021. Well, these games might not take the place of PUBG and similar games, but they will indeed keep entertaining you! Try some of the games mentioned above and share your opinion with us.

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