Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Game Genres

most popular mobile games

PUBG Mobile is the most popular mobile application. It quickly rose to become the most popular mobile application in more than 100 countries worldwide. In both the arcade and war mode, there are mini and full-game modes. These two modes are available only for TPP (third-person perspective) and FPP (first-person perspective) servers.

PUBG Mobile

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Another interesting aspect of PubG Mobile is its collaboration with other esports games like League of Legends and Smog. They have integrated their technology with those games to create unique gaming experiences. When it was initially launched, the mobile gaming industry was not as developed as it is today. As a result, many mobile companies like Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and others failed to enter the realm of esports mobile gaming.

Entertaining Gaming Apps

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Today, several top mobile apps offer entertaining gaming apps. These apps are highly popular among people engaged in multiplayer browser games such as World of Warcraft or League of Legends. Many of these apps are free to download. This has led to a rise in subscription numbers for pubg mobile gaming apps. There are about five million monthly subscribers for free to premium mobile games on Facebook as of the latest figures. To put things in perspective, the social media giant has about 60 million users.

To determine the most popular smartphone app, one must look at the demographics of its users. The data for this can be obtained from the usage statistics of the different popular smartphone apps. For example, the top ten apps for downloaded apps are supported by about sixty and forty percent of the users, respectively. Comparing these statistics with the figures for the most popular games on Facebook reveals a remarkable similarity.

In particular, Facebook lags behind other social networking sites in terms of the number of players who log on to play their games. This may come as a surprise considering the immense popularity of the PC. According to estimates, approximately fifty percent of Facebook’s daily active users play on mobile devices versus twenty-five percent of players who play on the PC.

However, the PC still reigns supreme when it comes to the most popular PC game genres. These include strategy games, shooting games, and racing games. Apart from this, several others are popular among smartphone users. Examples of these are Pokemon and Plants vs. zombies.

Battle Royale Games

One of the most popular mobile games that have gained popularity in recent times is battle royale apps. These are highly multiplayer browser games, which enable two players to take on each other in a struggle for supremacy of a certain area. The concept is simple: one player controls a fighter, whereas the other player serves as a strategic medic. Players can chat with each other using their smartphones while playing battle royale. A lot of people enjoy playing battle royale games because of their addictive nature.

Card Games

Another popular type of game that has found its way into the smartphone market is card games. Most of these mobile versions of card games are PC games remade for the mobile platform. The major advantage of playing card games on mobile phones is that players do not have to travel to have fun. They can check their mobiles out of the drawer or pocket, open the game package, load the game onto the phone and enjoy. Most popular card games also come with their own sets of add ons such as special packs of cards, dice, etc.

Flash Games

Flash games have also become extremely popular among smartphone users. Again, this can be attributed to their mobility. Flash games are extremely popular due to their amazing graphics and animations, which provide an experience close to watching movies. Moreover, most mobile gamers prefer to play flash-based card games on their mobile phones instead of playing them on the computer for several reasons. For one, playing flash-based card games on mobile phones is extremely popular among kids.

Mobile Phones are predicted to grow tremendously in the coming years. Apart from providing endless entertainment to the users, it has several other advantages as well. With the advent of smartphones, mobile gaming is no more a simple phenomenon. Nowadays, mobile games are the most talked about feature on mobile phones.


To conclude, smartphone manufacturers are constantly developing new and innovative features to keep up with the changing mobile market’s pace. Digital card games are the top 5 most popular mobile game genres on the market. However, it is expected that with the upcoming of every new smartphone models, new and upcoming mobile games will also be launched. The gaming industry is surely not taking any dud, as evidenced by the fact that several different brands are coming up with exciting mobile games every year. It is a sure thing that the trend is going to stay for quite some time.

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