Top 50 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

Gaming is definitely a very serious business these days, and great gaming equipment plays a vital role in making or breaking any gamer’s experience. Chances are, you are one of the people who are playing a game while you read this and have another game on your mind already. But, if you are a true lover of gaming you would already know that the right equipment can truly change your experience.

With the right equipment, you can win games and earn money also. But, the right equipment is often hard to choose because of the availability of numerous types of equipment. Manufacturers across the globe are trying to provide the best gaming equipment with amazing keyboards, joysticks, consoles and more. But, really all of them just want to give one thing, an out of the world gaming experience to all the hardcore gamers.

We have created a list of the top 10 gaming equipment you need if you love gaming. This list includes varied types of equipment that will give you heavenly gaming experience.

Blue Light Filter Glasses

Our eyes take the most pressure while we play games online. We need specialized glasses that block the blue light from entering our eyes and harming our vision. If we do not take precautions the blue light can make our eyes weak and cause harm to the cornea.

These glasses will help in protecting your eyes from the harmful blue light. The glasses come with advanced HEV- Absorb Technology. These glasses are transparent so you do need to worry about colour changes. Also, these are unisex glasses which means that both men and women can wear these.

You can choose the color of the frame that you want along with the design. The glasses are very stylish and look very cool. The full-frame is in these days and you can also wear these comfortably even when you are not playing any games. It is essential gaming equipment for the safety of your eyes.

Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love
Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Pub G is played by millions worldwide. It is a favorite game among all the gaming lovers. Wouldn’t it be easier if you have a gaming joystick that you could clip to your phone to play Pub G. Well, we have one for you!

This game trigger is a personalized joystick for your phone. It is for your gaming pleasure. You can clip to your phone and it is quite sturdy so you can play comfortably. It will not move at all. It is highly sensitive so you do not need to press again and again. Also, it is highly accurate so you will not miss any shots.

The game trigger is perfect for any Android phone. The package consists of a pair of gaming triggers, a handle and a button. Increase your comfort and pleasure while you enjoy Pub G with your friends.

Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love
Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

CPU Cooler

The CPU takes a lot of loads while we play games on the computer. A CPU Cooler will help you in drawing the heat away from the CPU. If you use this, it will lower the temperature of your CPU enabling it to work more efficiently and stabilize it.

This CPU Cooler is amazing as it has Triple Heat Sink Technology and 8 high-performance heat pipes. It also has a horizontal vapor chamber to technology that will lower the hotspots of your CPU. It also enables the heat to spread evenly to all the heat pipes.

You do not have to worry as it is compatible with a number of CPUs. The two fans will help in reducing the heat. It is a piece of essential gaming equipment for all the gaming lovers who spend hours on the computer.

Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love
Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

Aluminium Alloy Keycap

Keycaps protect the keys from harm while you play games for endless hours. Some keys are pressed multiple times while we play games and the keycaps protect the keys from damage. Also, keycaps come in lots of designs and you can buy these to adorn your keys.

This keycap is made of strong aluminum alloy so you can play as many games as you want. You do not need to worry as these graphics will last for a long time due to the amazing craftsmanship of the makers. These also have a fully extended and enclosed peg stand that protects your keyboard as well as the keycap.

We suggest you install this keycap in the Esc and F area because it is the most used. It can be used with a laptop as well as a desktop. These stylish keycaps can also be ideal gifts for gaming lovers. These come in various colors and graphics so you can pick your favorite.

Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love
Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

PC Case Fan RGB Adjust LED

The RGB Fans help to blast air in and out of your system. It helps the cooling process of your system. The RCB Fan should look cool with good lighting and lesser noise levels without any compromise on the airflow. We have the best one for you.

This case fan is amazing as it is equipped with rubber pads and hydraulic bearing which makes it easy to place anywhere. This gaming equipment helps to lower noise and improve the efficiency of the system. It has a high flow rate and it also supports water cooling system.

The lighting on the fans is synchronizable RGB lighting with the help of the motherboard. Also, the fan is compatible with all the PCs. You have a choice between the number of fans that you require. The life of the fan is a good 30000 hours.

Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love
Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

Computer Gaming Mouse Pad

The mouse is an important controller in gaming. One wrong movement of the mouse and your whole game can be spoilt. So, you need a good mouse pad for the optimal movement of the mouse and comfort while using the mouse. Also, keeping the mouse and keyboard on two different surfaces can be a lot of hassle.

This mouse pad is great as it is long enough to cover both the keyboard and the mouse. You can comfortably both of the devices on this. The surface is smooth so it allows you maximum accuracy and control while you play your game. Also, the mouse will not slip off this mouse pad so it is quite durable.

The mouse pad is very classy and colorful. The high polymer optical fiber allows it to last long and enhances durability. If you are a gaming lover, then this mouse pad will definitely enhance your chances of winning!

Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love
Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

Computer Gaming Chair

Every gamer needs to be comfortable while playing and sitting for long hours on a chair can be quite uncomfortable. The chair needs to provide optimal comfort so that you can play without any distractions. Also, no back pain is also an important feature of a good gaming chair.

This gaming chair gives you maximum comfort while you play. You will not feel tired even if you sit at one place for long hours. It will also provide you with extra back support so that you do not get back pains from the intense gaming sessions.

This chair is ideal for homes, offices and gaming stations. It comes in different colors so you can choose accordingly. It is great gaming equipment to save you from any physical problems that might be caused due to excessive gaming.

Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love
Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

Multi-Functional Joystick

A joystick lets you control the game easily. It is gaming equipment that allows you to play freely. You just need to hold it in your hand and play away. It has buttons on it that aid gaming and you can use it to play any game that you want. You do not need a mouse and a keyboard.

This multi-functional joystick can make your gaming experience pleasurable with its Bluetooth technology. It is applicable to smartphones, TVs, laptops, PCs and set-up box. The best feature is that it has LED lights on all the buttons so you can play games in the dark as well.

The joystick is made of durable material so it will last you for a long time. It makes gaming easier and flexible. It aids the easy movement of the fingers and helps you in playing more efficiently.

Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love
Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

Computer Gaming Set

A whole computer gaming set that can make your gaming experience amazing is every gamer’s dream. And it finally realized you can get a whole gaming set that features a keyboard, a mouse, a mousepad and even headphones. It is a whole bundle of joy.

This set has all the gaming essentials you need for a complete gaming experience. With this gaming set, you can play your games in a better and efficient manner.

The set is very durable and long-lasting. It can be used independently also. You get so many products in a single set. It is a must-buy for all the gaming lovers. It will definitely help you win more games.

Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love
Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

Mobile Gamepad Controller

Playing games on the phone can be a hassle as you have to fit everything on the small screen. Maneuvering becomes difficult with the keyboard on the screen. It makes the gaming experience less pleasurable and instead is quite a hassle.

But, with the mobile gamepad controller, you can connect both the keyboard and the mouse to the mobile. It is compatible with Android as well as ios devices.

It is very easy to set-up and use and improves your gaming drastically. The gamepad comes with a Bluetooth converter, a USB cable and you can also buy the keyboard and mouse set if you do not have one.

Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love
Top 10 Gaming Equipment That Every Hard Core Gamer Will Love

These are the best equipment that you can own for the best gaming experience of your life. Every gamer needs these to make winning easier. We hope you keep playing and winning more and more games!

Game Controller Trigger Aim Button for Mobile Phones

With more and more people shifting to mobile games as their source of entertainment, the more crucial it is to adapt certain accessories that can boost one’s performance. This accessory is a perfect example. This is very lightweight and portable so it is perfect for all types of mobile gamers. The controller is actually compatible with both android and iOS phones.

Large Non-Skid Rubber Mouse Pad

A gaming mouse pad is very important especially for those games that you play with a mouse. The mouse should be comfortably controllable and that will only be possible if you have a reliable surface that can be provided by a mouse pad. This particular mouse pad is special because it is larger than normal to ensure that all of the movements you will perform using your mouse will actually fit.

Durable Storage Hard Case for Nintendo Switch

If you have a Nintendo switch, then you’d know that it is a bit costly and it deserves to be protected as much as possible. Try one of these Nintendo cases to ensure that your console will stay protected whatever happens. There are so many designs you can choose from that reflect your game of choice. You can also go for the plain ones if you want something simpler.

Ergonomic Multicolor Backlight One-Handed Game Keyboard And Mouse Set

There are some computer games that require you to use the keyboard with your left hand and then the mouse with your right. This set is the most convenient gaming set you could ever find. The keyboard display is only half of the regular one with only the important buttons. You also get a matching gaming mouse to help you perform excellently in any game you play.

Pro Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combos

This set is a good deal if you are looking for a premium gaming set. You get a gaming keyboard and a matching mouse. These have ergonomic designs that will help reduce hand or finger stress from extended hours of gaming. Every key that you need for gaming is easily accessible. These items are also compatible with various operating systems so you can definitely use these.

Stereo Gaming Headset 7.1 Virtual Surround Bass

A good pair of gaming headsets is another thing that you must get as part of your gaming setup. This one is so good that it allows you to fully immerse yourself into the game with the help of sounds. It also helps you communicate with the other individuals in the game using the microphone. This is also sufficiently padded and ergonomically designed to be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

Transparent Acrylic Dustproof Cover For Keyboard and Mouse

Did you know that dust poses as serious threat to your keyboard and mouse? The particles can penetrate your keyboard and damage it. You can keep your keyboard and mouse protected by using this acrylic cover. It is transparent so you can clearly see the inside. It efficiently covers your gadgets from dust and other particles.

Wrist Rest Mouse Pad

Playing video games for hours on end can cause a lot of strain on your wrist. Try this special mouse pad to give your wrist some reprieve while playing. It has a padded wrist rest so that you can alleviate some of the excess weight from your wrist. The fabric is also breathable enough to provide comfort to your wrist. Its bottom is non-slip to ensure that it won’t interfere with your gaming performance.

Universal USB Keyboard and Mouse and Headset Set With LED Light

This is yet another excellent choice if you are looking for a gaming set to get started with. This set is great because it contains most of the basic items you need to play. The set includes a mouse, keyboard, headset, and a mouse pad. There are plenty of design options that you can choose form.

World Map Gaming Mouse Pad

This is yet another excellent choice for a gaming mouse pad. It is larger than your average to the point that it can even house your gaming keyboard. The surface is very smooth and it is specifically designed to boost your mouse control. The bottom has a rubber material that is anti-slip to prevent any slippage.

2 In 1 Headphone Audio / Charger Splitter Cable For Apple iPhones

The latest generation of iPhones only has one jack for both audio and charging. That means that you cannot simultaneously do both. One easy solution is by using this splitter that you plug into the port to divide it into two ports. Now you can plug your phone for charging while having an option to listen to the sounds involved in your mobile game. This enables you to play for hours on end.

3.5mm Microphone Condenser

This microphone is ideal for those games that require you to actively communicate with your teammates. Clear feedback will ensure that they can hear you clearly and understand every single word in the process. The mic actually cancels background noise so that your teammates can focus on your voice only.

Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

Headphones are incredibly important when it comes to gaming. It allows you to listen to the audio feedback in your game so that you can appreciate it in its entirety. The audio can also help immerse you deeper into the game. This also ensures that you can clearly hear your teammates whenever you need to communicate with one another. This pair cancels out noise and has a very clear audio feedback. It is also wireless and powered by Bluetooth so it eliminates the hassle of dealing with cables.

20,000mah Portable Solar Power Bank

A portable power bank is a must-have for any avid mobile gamer. It ensures that your phone battery will never run out of juice so that you can play all day long. The great thing about this one is that it is solar-powered so you can recharge it virtually anywhere for as long as you have solar energy available.

Hybrid Technology HIFI Metal In-Ear Earphones

This is perfect for mobile gaming because it is lightweight and portable. Don’t let its size deceive you because it is actually capable of giving out top tier audio feedback. This is also incredibly durable. It is designed for maximum comfort even after being worn for long periods of time.

Aluminum Mobile / Tablet Desk Stand

Some mobile games require waiting for some time. Get this mount to handle your phone in between the breaks you take while playing. This is the perfect angle so that you can view the screen comfortably. Its size can also accommodate a wide range of phone sizes. This one comes in many different colors.

Long Arm Tablet Stand Holder

This is yet another ideal phone holder for when you are playing mobile games or simply taking a break. The holder itself is anti-slip so you can trust this to be perfectly capable to handle your phone. The arm itself can be adjustable to whichever angle you prefer and you can actually install this wherever you want. It is the perfect mount for all types of mobile gamers.

Hard Box Storage for Gadgets

Every mobile gamer knows that there are a few basic phone essentials and accessories that one must always have with him wherever he goes. You can store all of those in this trust case. It is hard so it will prevent your cables from getting smushed while in transport. The box can fit your pair of earphones, a charger, and many more.

Microphone Condenser Clip-on Lapel

This microphone is perfect for mobile gamers who need to communicate with their fellow gamers. This can also be used on various devices like laptops or computers. This efficiently takes in your voice and then clearly project it to your teammates so that you can communicate with each other effortlessly.

Magnetic 3-in-1 USB Cable

Mobile gamers will understand the need to constantly keep your phone charged so that its battery won’t get drained and then you will not miss out on the game. This is a revolutionary way to charge your phone because the head of the charger automatically connects to the cable using a magnet. This prolongs the shelf life of your phone as you do not need to constantly plug or unplug your charger.

Double Side Mouse Pad Aluminum Metal / PU Leather

A mouse pad is one of the most important tools you should have when you are a gamer. It ensures that you can comfortably use your mouse to control the game. This is a great mouse pad option because you can also use it for your job. The pad has a sleek and slim design that makes it stylish yet functional.

Crystal Matte Hard Shell Laptop Case for MacBook

If you are constantly playing on your laptop then you need something that will boost its longevity. Try this laptop case for MacBooks. These are incredibly stylish and it ensures that the surfaces of your laptop are actually protected. You get a hard case to ensure that the exterior of your laptop won’t get scratched. There is also a protective layer for your keyboard.

 Astronaut USB Powered LED Lamp for Computers

Not everyone has the luxury to play with a backlit keyboard. Others have to settle with a normal one. The keys may be pretty difficult to spot in the dark so you might want to use this USB-powered astronaut device. You simply plug this into your laptop or computer and then you are all set. The glare isn’t that harsh and the energy consumption is not too high.

Shockproof Soft Silicone Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus S10e S8 S9

This soft silicone case is perfect for mobile gamers. The case is specifically made of Samsung Galaxy S10. If you are going to use your phone frequently then it makes a lot of sense to keep it as protected as you could possibly can. This case is great because it is shockproof so it can protect your phone in case you accidentally drop it.

Portable EU Plug Power Strip

Every gamer needs a power strip. This is for powering up your computer and other accessories. We all know that an electricity source is important for you to power up your devices and be able to play comfortably. This is a great option because it comes with four USB ports and two EU sockets to accommodate whichever plug type you need.

Portable Mobile Phone Keyboard with Cover

Some mobile games might require you to have a keyboard nearby so that you can play it effectively. Try this mobile keyboard that actually doubles as a protective phone case to ensure that your phone will not get damaged. This also transforms your phone into a powerful productivity device so that you can type anytime and anywhere.

Splitter Cable Adapter

This is a revolutionary accessory that can optimize your gadget into something more beneficial. You can get three inputs and one output. It is a male to female connector that can greatly help you in your gaming career and endeavors.

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones for Mobile Phones

This is perfect for individuals who play mobile games. It is a wireless pair of earphones so that you can clearly hear and engage with your game. It is so easy to set up and unbelievably portable as well. This is convenient because it eliminates the hassle of having wired earphones. You can use this without having to go through the trouble of dealing with wires.

Wireless Silent Keyboard and Mouse Set

This is a great gaming setup if you are looking for something minimalist and uncomplicated. This is a great set because it is very silent which means that it barely creates any sound while being used. That is great if you wish to not bother anyone else in the room or house. It is also completely wireless so you do not have to deal with the trouble of having to set up with wires. The keyboard and the mouse are both functional up to ten meters from your computer.

A charging dock is great for when you need to take breaks from playing on your mobile phone. You simply place your phone in its correct position on your dock and then you are good to go. This ensures that you won’t ever have to run out of battery so that you can continue playing your mobile games whenever you are ready. This is a great office table accessory because it is functional and stylish.

15W Qi Fast Wireless Charging Station

This is yet another great option for charging your phone in between breaks. The best part is that it is wireless so you do not have to worry about the hassle of dealing with wires while charging. All you need to do is to place the phone on the dock and then you are good to do. This also works even when your phone is enclosed in a protective case.

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