Top Five Online Games To Play On PC

games to play on pc

However, throughout the marketplace many downs and ups, one thing was consistent: the continued popularity of these top games to play on the PC.

Let’s jump right into one of my personal favorites: Necrodancer. I don’t know why it’s one of my favorites, but when I boot the game up, I literally feel like I’m transported into a fantasy world. The graphics are so real and life like, I almost feel as if I am a part of it. The characters are unique and have very believable features, even the monsters that you fight. It feels like a work of art.

Crypt Of The Necrodancer

Another great game to play on PC is Crypt of the Necrodancer. As I said, it feels like I’m in a fantasy world. The story is fantastic and is written very well, giving the sense that the writer knew what he was doing when he wrote this. The music fits the mood of the game perfectly and is catchy at the same time. The fight scenes are challenging and the co-op and versus game play are exciting.

Another game that is on my list of favorite co-op games is Fall of Rome. This is another great game from the same developers as Necrodancer. Fall of Rome is set during the First Roman War. You take control of both the allies and the enemies as you battle it out through the land. The visual and audio track is top notch and gives me lots of screenshots to look back on.

Age Of Conan And Strife

A couple of games that fall into the “other” category are Age of Conan and Strife. Age of Conan is a turn-based strategy and card game with tactical battles and randomly generated cards. The randomly generated cards are great for getting the feel of an old-school board game. The graphics are fairly dated, but the audio and visual components are excellent. The online multiplayer version doesn’t quite have the same ring as the tabletop simulator, but it’s still a solid title.

Strife is a classic cooperative game of rpg mechanics mixed with a roguelike edge. The game isn’t quite like any other co-op game on PC or console. Instead, the players take turns attacking each other and only attacking each other. The objective is to defeat your opponent, once you do they will join you in your quest to protect the realm. This is a truly satisfying game to play because there is no “winning” in Strife; just everyone staying alive! There are several different levels in which the game can be played (with the exception of the final level, which is very difficult), and the challenges aren’t just taking place on the physical plane of existence, but are happening online.

Fall Of Rome And Stickman Games

Two other games that might be a good choice if you’re looking for new online games to play on PC are Fall of Rome and StickMan Games. Fall of Rome is a third person, narrative-driven roguelike (as opposed to a roguelike that simply imitates another roguelike) where you play as one of many factions in the game (the options are always limited to four). 

For example, you could be the Roman general fighting against the barbarian threat, or you could be the leader of an underground resistance group fighting to keep Rome from being destroyed in a post-apocalyptic world. StickMan Games is a great co-op game where you must survive an onslaught of opponents, all of whom are armed and able to attack you with their weapons.


The last of the games to play on the PC that we have for you today is called Cityville: Drive to Work. This is a simple, but fun physics-based game where you build your own city from a simple flat sheet of land by adding the different sections one by one. You can build roads, houses, businesses and everything else that you see in the picture, but you don’t have to deal with fighting off enemy players, leveling up, or anything like that. You simply roll your mouse over the flat of land and watch it grow until it gets to the final stage – driving it to work! You can see the whole city being built as you keep clicking on the various buildings. It’s a simple concept that is addictive in its own way, and we hope that Cityville: Drive to Work will live up to the hype and become one of the more widely-played PC games to come out this year.

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