Top Games Updates: (DotA 2) – Update 7.21 is here! Part 2

Top Games Updates: (DotA 2) - Update 7.21 is here! Part 2

DotA 2 is one of the top games in the world right now. If you are reading this to learn more about it. You have come to the right place.

Today, we’re still going to discuss some of the major patch changes that have taken effect right after Update 7.21. It’s very important to learn about these major updates because not only does it balance out the gameplay for one of Valve’s top games for this year and beyond, but to ensure that the game also works properly.

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Second Batch Of Major Changes/Updates

I know you are ready for the latest updates in one of the top games in the world.

  • Animal Courier: Flying movement speed increased from 460 to 470
  • Aeon Disk: Active status resistance increased from 50% to 75%
  • The Aeon Disk: Recipe cost reduced from 1350 to 1250
  • Battle Fury: Percentage damage bonus against non-hero units changed to be a fixed amount matching Quelling Blade
  • Bloodstone: Bloodpact changed from 60% of current mana to 30% of max mana
  • Bloodthorn: Cooldown reduced from 18 to 15
  • Boots of Travel: Level 2 movement speed increased from +32% to +35%
  • Buckler: Activated armor bonus duration on heroes reduced from 25 to 15 (carries through to Mek)
  • Crimson Guard: Recipe cost increased from 600 to 750
  • Drums of Endurance: Passive changed from a 6% movement speed aura to +20 movement speed to yourself only
  • Ethereal Blade: Enemy debuff duration increased from 3 to 4 (matching duration when cast on allies)

More Item Updates

  • Eul’s Scepter of Divinity: Movement speed bonus changed from +6% percentage to +20 flat
  • Holy Locket: Now uses Energy Booster instead of a Void Stone (provides +325 Mana)
  • Iron Branch: Cast range increased from 200 to 400
  • Manta Style: Movement speed bonus reduced from +25 to +20
  • Mask of Madness: Lifesteal increased from 15% to 20%
  • Mekansm: Stack limit is now tied to cooldown on cast (like Greaves and Crimson stack mechanics)
  • Meteor Hammer: Radius increased from 300 to 315
  • Necronomicon: Last Will damage increased from 550/675/800 to 600/700/800
  • Nullifier: Duration increased from 5 to 6
  • The Phase Boots: Recipe changed from Gloves of Haste to Blades of Attack

Why Is It Important To Learn These?

The notes above describe the changes made for the items that are being sold inside the game. It is important to learn and note about these changes because with every meta change in top games comes game-changing stat increase and decrease for every item in the game. Remember when I said that itemization in DotA 2 is the key to victory? Then this is your chance to read, learn and then apply what you’ve learned with the patch notes and you should be winning ranked matches in no time at all.

My Final Thoughts

So which of the item changes in the list seem game-changing?

I’d say the changes done for Phase Boots seem fitting for discussion. In the past, Phase Boots is the item favored for heroes who have slow movement speed. With Phase Boots, you can simply walk through creeps in order to escape an incoming gank. With the new stats for the Phase Boots, however, it would seem that the new update aims to make the boots more dangerous when used by melee heroes. The + 18 to damage for melee heroes seem like a nice buff while the +12 to attack for range heroes give balance to this awesome game.

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