Top Wii Virtual Console Games for 2013

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Wii virtual console games are pretty much just like the real thing except you don’t have to leave your house. You can play games from all over the world. And you can use your Wii remote to play games. You even have the ability to use your nunchuck or wireless controllers. What could be better than that.

An Overview

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I want to start with some of the wii games that are out now. We have Mario Galaxy and Zelda start. From that standpoint, you have a lot of remote based games that you can play with your nunchuck or wireless controller. For instance, the Mario galaxy ones are fun, too. And from the Zelda engendered series, the Zelda pak functionality is quite handy. The great thing about the n 64 controller pak functionality is that you can put the n 64 controller down when you aren’t playing to save on space.

Now we come to some of the more popular wii game pad games that aren’t in the n 64 or the Nintendo wii games collection. The first is the Batman: ugg brawl | wii | game | games | like} If you are going to check out any of the wii games, you will find that there is quite a bit of support for older games. Which means that you will probably find at least one (if not more) wii games that have the wii gamepad built in. I know, like I said before, like the n 64 controller pak functions, you can play any of the wii games with the built in nunchuck. Even if you don’t, you can connect the wii to a television and you can play the games using the TV’s built in screen. Just twist your wrists a little bit and the motion sensor will turn on and detect that you are touching something.

Famous Games

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The second game that is neat is donkey Kong country from the N64, and it is a pretty cool one. It is like the old games where you had to bash the donkey Kong to pieces with a baseball bat. Well, this time, the game comes with a nunchuck. If you like baseball, it is a fun game. For those who do not like baseball, the controls are just as easy as holding the B button, and in through mode you are just bashing the kong.

Of course, there is also the new game called Mario tennis or perhaps even super Mario tennis. It is set to be released during the holiday season, so I expect more Mario games to be added soon enough. The game is quite similar to a donkey Kong country except for a few differences. You can play either with the keyboard or the controller. One thing that you might notice right off the bat though, is that there are some people who are playing Mario tennis and they are not using the controllers.

Yoshis Island 

Yoshi’s Island was another game that was on the Wii’s test page recently, and I have to say, it looked really good. The colors are bright and vibrant, and I think the effects are really nice. Yoshi’s Island really does look like what we know Mario should look like. I am looking forward to playing it when it is available this holiday season.


Of course, it won’t be the same if you don’t play the games with the Wiimote. It really isn’t portable. But, Wii owners who own the console can play these games using the Wii’s Wii Remotes, which is much more convenient than the previous option of using the Nunchuk. There are so many great games for the Wii, especially since the Virtual Console has added a lot of great games as well.

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