Video Game And Its 6 Notable Genres

Video Game And Its 6 Notable Genres

In Today’s world of dog-cat race, nobody has enough time to take deep breaths and extract a few moments of solace from their busy schedules to get along with their friends and peer groups. So the only option left for giving yourself a break from this monotonous life is to make the “world of video games,” your comfortable corner of the home. Besides, they provide some sense of relaxation and is a kind of best leisure activity irrespective of age and gender.

They are defined as electronic forms of games involving you with different kinds of challenges, tasks, and activities, which results in increasing excitement levels and diminishing stress, which has become Today’s most hazardous disease.

Video Game And Its 6 Notable Genres
Video Game And Its 6 Notable Genres

Loads of video games have crowded the gaming zone and sometimes seem complicated for you to choose the best suitable match as a friend for your benefit. So, here is a complete list for you to reduce your trouble of going through thousands of sites and increase your knowledge about the best trending and latest games.

Classification Of Video Games

There are mainly six popular categories in which video games are divided. Below, you will get bit details, including the most worthy of video games in each mentioned zone.

Action Based Games

This category involves lots of excitement, especially for kids and teenagers, as it consists of a variety of activities like shooting, fighting, war, detective type of games, and games including survival of the fittest.

First Action Videogame- Taito’s Western Gun in the year 1975

Latest Action Videogame- Mortal Combat-11 in the year 2019

Adventure Based Video Games

In this type of game, you have to solve various kinds of puzzles while taking multiple factors into account, like the environment and the people coming in your way created in the game.

First Adventure Videogame- Atari, Inc.’s Adventure in the year 1979

Latest Adventure Videogame- Blacksad: Under the skin released in the year 2019.

Horror Based Video Games

Video Game And Its 6 Notable Genres
Video Game And Its 6 Notable Genres

Meanwhile, this category includes horror games and mystery games full of thriller and haunted environment. And, the age and health of the player should be considered seriously while playing these games.

First Horror Video Game- Alone in the Dark released in 1992.

Latest Horror Game- Resident Evil 2 remake released in 2019

Role-Playing Video Games

Role-playing Games are a very interesting type of video games, in which you have to play as a character mentioned in the game. These games take you into their own world of fiction.

First Role-Playing Video Game- Dragonstomper on the Atari 2600 in the year 1982

Latest Role-Playing Game is- Pokemon Sword and Shield of 2019.

Education-Based Games

In today’s scenario, parents are extra cautious about their child’s future. Hence we are searching for those games which include some knowledge and education according to their level.  Nowadays, video games include a variety of activities that impart great information.

First Educational Video Game- Whyville released in 1999

Latest Educational Game- Minecraft series new release in 201

Mobile Based Games

Games are the most popular electronic form of technology, attracting the crowd. The modern world includes the latest technology of everything so why video games should be left behind. You can find thousands of games that are mobile-based suitable for every kind of gender and age group.

First Mobile Game – Tetris released in the year 1994

Latest Mobile Game – Call of Duty new series released in the year 2019

Well, you might have traveled an interesting journey of video games while going through this article, so relax and explore the world of Entertainment.

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