Video Games Enhance Your Mind Skills – You Know What To Get Your Kid For His Birthday


Gaming Has A Crucial Effect On Academic And Career Life. Surprisingly They Do!

According to the research, a 2013 data analysis conveyed that devoting time to shooter video/computer games improved the gamer’s ability to think about objects in three dimensions figures nicely as well as there are academic courses designed to enhance these same skills. ‘Gaming has a crucial effect on academic and career life, as a previous study has established the power of cognitive habits for science, technologies, engineering, as well as maths’ said Granic. Video games enhance thinking was not found when playing other computer games, like puzzles and roleplaying games. Playing video games also helps children develop problem-solving skills, said the authors. The more teenagers reported playing strategic video games, such as roleplaying, the more their brains develop problem-solving skills and get more grades the next year, according to research published in 2013.

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