Virtual Reality Gaming – Why Is It Taking Too Long?

Have you ever imagined playing computer games inside your head? Have you ever wondered what it would feel to actually have a first-person view of an adventure game where you and a bunch of your friends need to cooperate with one another in order to defeat a huge dragon or a mighty giant? How about imagining yourself driving a car in one of those amazing car games? Well, those things may happen soon because the future of gaming is now upon us. Welcome to the world of virtual reality gaming!

Woman Using Vr Goggles

Will Virtual Reality Gaming Occur Soon?

Those are the words that I would’ve wanted to say around five years ago, but no. Until now, the future of virtual reality gaming is still cloudy. Yes, there are many technologies that already allow the power of playing games within the mind of a person.

Advanced as it may be, there are still some things with virtual reality that are not yet perfected. For example, while you’re playing a virtual reality game, will you experience any health changes while your brain is busy processing the VR game? There are rumors that VR gaming might be difficult towards one’s own health, but I believe that to not be true.

The technology needed to power home VR consoles is still way too advanced and way too expensive. In fact, the Oculus Rift, one of the most talked about VR device in the world a couple of years ago was criticized for being too overpriced. Even with Valve and Steam joining in the VR bandwagon by introducing Steam VR, it is still not enough to convince people the power of playing VR games.

Computer Games in the 80s – Virtual Reality Based

But in the late 80s and early 90s, virtual reality was everything. Kids and adults alike would talk about how this would be possible ten or twenty years from their time. Some electronic companies have even started their own research on virtual reality. Nintendo built and released the Virtual Boy, a portable console that supposedly allowed the user to experience perfect virtual reality experience while playing with the headset on their eyes. The truth was far from it though. Frustrated consumers who fell for it regretted ever buying the Virtual Boy because it was far from the device advertised by Nintendo. When people used the device, the red light in the console was enough for people to get sick with headaches. Nintendo immediately canceled the Virtual Boy after game designers and developers refused to make more games for the Virtual Boy.

Woman Smiling Using Vr Goggles

Oculus Rift and the Hope for more VR Computer Games

After that incident, no one talked about virtual reality anymore. Perhaps it just wasn’t possible. The Oculus Rift was a hopeful project, but even until now, controversies still hound the product. All seemed lost until the Playstation VR headset was introduced to the market. Finally, here comes a product that allowed people to play games inside an augmented reality. The PlayStation VR is only available for the PlayStation 4 Pro and it is also insanely expensive. If I were asked whether I’d buy the PlayStation VR, I’d tell people no in a heartbeat. That’s because there are no solid games yet for the VR headset. Even if there are, the games are also insanely expensive.

The second reason is that I am more of a hardcore gaming console of a guy and virtual reality is not yet my thing for now. But who knows? Maybe the technology needed to make VR accessible for people of all ages and classes will be available in the future. We can only hope that Sony will unlock the technology to make VR gaming a reality.

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