RNG in Video Games

The RNG is a kind of algorithm. It produces specific numbers at a random pace. However, these random numbers get usages in the number of video games. And the primary focus remains on the determination of some random events. For instance, the chance of landing at a critical hit. Moreover, instances such as picking up a rare item is also another example.

What is RNG in Video Games? And Why Do People Criticize it?
What is RNG in Video Games? And Why Do People Criticize it?

Some Thing To Know About The RNG

The Random Number Generation is a primary factor in most of the modern video games. You must know that it makes it possible for players to receive the unique Pokemon. Moreover, Players in Mario Kart also get their hands on the different items. And those items remain different each of the times you play. You should also know the reason behind finding the super cool things in Diablo. Well, the answer to this, my friend, is RNG. Some games such as the Mine-Craft will not run with this system. 

However, not every game depends on RNG. Games like the rhythms ones do not require any of it. For instance, games such as “Dance Dance Revolution”, along with the “Guitar Revolution” are some games that run fine without RNG. Additionally, competitive games such as the “Rocket League” also run fine without it. Moreover, the game “Mortal Combat” is also another excellent example of a competitive game. This, too, runs fine without RNG. 

On the other hand, this does not mean that all competitive games run without RNG. Games such as “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” take help from it. Hence, RNG in this game determines how the bullet hit targets. Moreover, in DOTA2 it establishes the abilities which will affect the opponent player. These are the randomness in these games. However, this makes RNG a topic of criticism in the game.

What is RNG in Video Games? And Why Do People Criticize it?
What is RNG in Video Games? And Why Do People Criticize it?

The RNG_Keeps The Game Fresh:

The idea of randomness is what makes the game all exciting. This is what makes all sorts of fun and excitement in the game. Furthermore, it is one of the tools to keep the game fresh.

Just take Tetris in this idea. The blocks of the Tetris comes at a random pace. However, if the randomness in Tetris goes missing, then the fun connected with Tetris would become all boring. Also, it might make the game all depressing along with stressful. 

Some games, like the “Hearthstone”, depend highly on some risky tips and moves. Well, this is another competitive game. This is the platform where the notion of RNG becomes all contentious subjects. The skillset never works fine in this game. Therefore, a lucky newbie can defeat a pro with some lucky chance. 

The result can be terrible. There is a number of pissed off games. The randomness in action games may bring joy. However, this same randomness might sound awful in some competitiveness. This the reason why the notion of RNG gets sits back. Furthermore, people judge this idea even if it is good. 

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