Why Not Use The Google Play Games Service To Play Games

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What is Google Play Games and how can it change the way we play video games? Well, I am going to answer that one with another question, what is not a Google product? FUNCTIONALITY. Okay so firstly let’s begin with the bottom line, what exactly does Google Play Games do? It does exactly what it says it will, play games.

Google Play Games Features

Now think about this if you have not already used the google play games app, then you are missing out. If you do not have an internet connection at your current location, simply go to the Google Play app, log in with your Google account and start playing. You will be asked to select an application from a long list of games that are recommended by Google. In fact, by selecting any recommended game you will be eligible to earn in the Google Play Gaming section.

Now if you are a gamer at heart then you will love the easy-to-use app’s interface of the Google Play Games application. The best feature I think that the app has is the achievements dashboard. The achievements dashboard is where you can keep track of all your high scores and where you can share them with your friends and family. I have not used the gaming section so I cannot comment on how easy it would be to share your scores with your friends but I imagine it will be a very simple process as it is integrated into the whole gaming experience. As you can see from my points above, this application is pretty much just about gaming.

Another cool feature of the Google Play app is that it integrates with your Google+ account so when you sign in to play games or share your scores with your friends you are also adding them to your Google+ account. So even if you are not on social media sites like Facebook you will be adding people to your Google+ profile and that too using the play games application. The dashboard is very well designed and intuitive and is very similar to the one used by Twitter. The only difference is that you can’t add multiple people to your Google+ account from the app, you will need to use the URL shortening tool to add the people you want to add.

Along with achievements, you can also use the Google Play Games app to track your stats, which is very helpful for gamers. The stats section gives you the exact information about your gameplay, such as the number of calories you burned playing, the time you spent playing, etc. You can view the same data on the dashboard of your google smartphone. Apart from tracking your game stats, the app offers a lot of other interesting features as well. For example, if you want to know the most played games on a certain platform, the app lets you track the different versions of the game you played.

The interface for the Google Play Games services is quite user-friendly. Once you open up the app you will find various icons, which indicate different game types. Some of these include card games, word games, puzzles, and so forth. The interface is very simple and you can get around the interface quite easily. The gaming options are quite varied as you can switch over to various gaming platforms to enjoy your favorite game with your friends.

The Google Play Games services are available for free. However, the gamer ID required to sign up and make in-app purchases is free. This is a feature available on many mobile apps, but not on all. To enjoy all the benefits of the Google Play Games services you will need to invest in a Google smartphone that supports the application. Some phones do not support Google Play Games services and are specifically designed for gaming alone.

Final Words

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If you are an avid gamer and like making your gameplay count then the google play games app is right for you. It provides you with a platform through which you can compete with other players from all over the world. You can win prizes and gifts and be recognized as a true gamer by logging into your Google account. All the features that are mentioned above are provided by the Google Play Games app, but there are some other features too. These can be enjoyed for free, but you can choose to upgrade to gain access to additional features.

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