Xbox Maintenance: Keep Playing Longer

Xbox Maintenance: Keep Playing Longer

For today, we are going to talk about how to take good care of your cable box and eventually play more games with it.

What? Did I say anything wrong? There’s really nothing wrong with what I said, right? I mean, this huge box right in front of me doesn’t really have that many games. And yet, Microsoft still has the guts to tell everyone who was present inside Microsoft’s big reveal of the Xbox One that it is the gaming console of the future.

Person Holding Sony Ps4 Dualshock 4

Fine. I’ll like Xbox for now.

Today, we are going to discuss how to take better care of your Xbox One. As much as I would hate to admit it, the device is more than just a cable tv box. It’s also one of the most advanced gaming consoles available. And no, it’s not a bad or good version of the Xbox One X. That particular console is no different from the Xbox One that I have, so if you think I’m going to spend some extra hundred dollars just to get this advanced cable box, then completely forget it.

Black Microsoft Xbox Game Controller

So before we start working on the cleanup, it’s time to do some quick checking to see if we have everything that we need for cleaning the Xbox One.

Feather Duster

Using the feather duster on your Xbox One should be completely safe. However, be very careful when you clear out the dust from the console, as some of the dust might get inside your console. A burned out Xbox One is most likely what you’ll get in due time.

Small vacuum cleaner

If you need to use the vacuum, make sure that the vacuum is sucking in all the dust collected and from inside the console. Make sure to remove those dust particles that are near the open area of the console to avoid the overheating of the machine. Those slots are there to cool down the Xbox One while you are still busy playing.

Clean rugs

You need the clean rugs to remove any dust that was not collected at first by the vacuum cleaner. You can also use the rugs to wipe down anything that is wet.

A sprayer

You can mix in a small portion of alcohol in the sprayer and then use it while cleaning the Xbox One. You can use the sprayer to remove some stains from the Xbox One.

A small brush

You can also include a small brush so you can brush away all the extra dust and dirt that are accumulating near the entrance of the Xbox One’s ventilation area.

Tips In Cleaning Your Xbox

Now before you start cleaning, make sure that the console’s power brick is turned off. Please, PLEASE make sure that power for the machine is already off because the moment the power brick is still on and you start cleaning the machine, then chances are that you’ll end up damaging the product if you’re not too careful.

Always check to see if the game disc is still inside the console. While other players would tell their parents that leaving the game inside the console will not damage your system, I’d like to be at least on the safe side. And you should too, since the Xbox One, despite having multiple issues but not enough games, is still a gaming device. You should always be treating it with care and to give the device enough space for the ventilation of your gaming console.

Remember, the better you take care of your gaming consoles, then the better these machines will perform. Your Xbox One console should continue to work for you without problems within the next few years or so. That means more games for you to play!

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